Tuesday 7 June 2016

A delayed reaction to exercise

Good afternoon Moonbeams

How are you all? I am sat in a dim, murky office that never sees any direct sunlight so unlike my colleagues, I am wearing a fleece. An effing flipping fleece when it is allegedly 26 degrees out there! humph!

Apart from that though, I'm fine. Well I am fine now, I haven't been fine and all of it has been self inflicted...

I woke up my first morning after attending my first Yoga class and I felt great. I felt great pretty much all that day and evening. Then, it got me. About 10 o'clock that night, I started twinging (twinging? is that a word?) and I definitely started to feel it. It got worse in bed, every time I wanted to turn over my muscles *cough snigger* cramped. I was not happy.

I stayed like this all weekend. I was not happy. Of course it all wore off by the time the work week started again. I spent the next few days pondering on whether I was going to continue inflicting this kind of trauma on myself and I came down firmly in the "yes" camp, why the hell not?

I went back on Thursday and the Yogi (is that what we call yoga teachers?) instructor/facilitator looked pleased to see me and said "oh you've come back" I replied that after my weekend I nearly didn't. She just laughed.

The 2nd week wasn't as bad. I didn't eat a huge bowl of pasta and I kept my thermal socks on which cut down on the feeling sick and cramps. The room still spun a bit and when, after one particular pose which involved wrapping myself into a knot, I REALLY felt a muscle twinge I winced; golly I sound feeble and pathetic. The Yogi/instructor/facilitator happened to see me wince and rub my muscle and she beamed out "yes, that is the muscle we are working on, well done!" I tried to feel proud, but I think I just muttered something.

Driving home afterwards though, I felt OK. I was tired but I didn't ache like I did after the first session. Due to a mix up with my Dad, I went straight home. Had he been paying attention, I would have gone to the pub for the 2nd half of the England Portugal game and I think a glass of something medicinal would have been most beneficial.

Again, I slept well and woke up all bright eyed and bushy tailed on Friday. Again I started to get a bit twingy as the day progressed but then I lost track of everything. We went to York in the evening to see my chaps fabulous daughter and her band play. They were very late on due to the back up from the bands before them and so it was a few drinks and dancing and a very late night.

I only see my chap at weekends, and I don't sleep well when he is there, so not much sleep that night and I could feel my muscles *cough snigger* cramping a bit, but not as much. Then it was an early start as we had lots to do before scooting off down to the Leicester area for a party. It started mid to late afternoon and we didn't get to bed until after 3am. I was drunk, sober and then drunk again and I got absolutely no sleep that night. My chap snores anyway, but when he is completely trollied it doesn't matter what position he is in, he sounds like a chain saw!!

Golly I was fragile the next morning, and we all met up for breakfast, which was just cups of tea and some fruit for me.  Driving home, we stopped off to enjoy the glorious day and to partake of some culture so we called in at Bolsover Castle. It's an interesting place and the weather was wonderful. Actually, I could have just stretched out on one of the many lawns and slept for England, but I didn't. I forced myself to stay awake and then when he finally went home early evening I scooted off to bed before he had finished closing the garden gate and slept the night through, it was wonderful!

I felt OK when I got up but as the day progressed I started to fade again and so I had to give my apologies to the Circle I love attending on Monday evenings in Morley. Serves me right as apparently I have missed a cracking night. That should teach me, I have nobody to blame but myself but hangover aside, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and glad I went.

Obviously that weekend was a rarity, I do not usually drink so much or stay awake much past 10. I am not really rock n roll at all. I also do not usually have so much to share about my shenanigans or general lack there off!

Earlier today, I was able to sit for a minute and pull a card. I was musing on what I needed to know going forward and upstairs gave me Expectation

In this deck, Expectation is "The expectations you place on yourself and others restrict and constrain.
Free yourself and your relationships by releasing expectation.
Expectation strangles creativity and life force, producing resentment."  This leads to the questions
Where do I need to check my expectations? Am I putting myself under pressure? Getting overwhelmed?
Whatever expectations I am carrying, need to be released I need to expect less and be more. It seems very appropriate as on the whole, last weekend aside, I have been a bit overwhelmed and as I said above, it is all self-inflicted.

Hopefully, I haven't bored you all too much, but I'll not have this much to say again in the forseeable future, as I'm not going out again! 
Look after yourselves
Have a fruitful week

Yoga cartoon from Ccassandra and Expectation from Connected & Free, The Alchemist's Oracle by Inner Hue http://innerhue.com/

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