Monday, 22 February 2016

Theme of the Week 22/02/16 - Basically, snakes.

Good afternoon Moonbeams,

How are you all? I’m fine and enjoying the crisp bright day going on outside. The town where I work has its own mini ecosystem. It can be up to 5° warmer, less windy and definitely drier than the village where I live, 20 mins drive away.

Apart from the constant wind and rain that was buffeting my village, I had a cracking weekend. My chaps parents were visiting for the weekend so I wasn’t expecting to see much of them, but I did and we had fun. We went to the pictures on Friday evening, and saw Dads Army. It was fine, easy watching with a few chuckles. York on Saturday night to watch my chaps’ daughter and her band belt out a fantastic set that had the whole place bouncing; a truly cracking performance. Sunday saw us in one pub having a roast lunch and then when he sorted his parents out and took them to the train station, I went on to another pub to meet up with my dad to watch football. You’d think a 6 goal match would be a thriller, it wasn’t…

What I can’t shake though, is a strange feeling about this coming week. I feel anxious about it as if I am expecting some news or an event but I can’t think of anything out of the ordinary that I should be expecting. So what does upstairs have to tell me?

I have asked upstairs for guidance and, well, there is definitely a theme for the coming week. I have shuffled for England and these three cards all flew out. Spirit have been as subtle as a brick here and I suspect even I can’t miss what this is telling me. I really need to hoick out my book of totems and fully read up on snakes.

Energy: King of Bows (Adder) 

I pulled this card on Saturday whilst I was looking for a bit of guidance and here he is again. This card represents balance, magical power and healing. This card also talks of creativity, charisma and individuality. As this King has shown up twice now, barely days apart, should I be expecting a person who contains these aspects to enter my life? Someone mature and confident to help me shake up my own latent King of Bows and to help me on my way?

Advice: Knight of Vessels (Eel)                                   
This card suggests a quest. I need to set my intent, be crystal clear on my desire and use the energy of this card to set me on my way. How can I grow and develop? This card talks of emotional currents that need navigating.

2 people cards, 2 individuals or 2 aspects of 1 person?

Oracle Overview: The Snake

I have always considered the snake to be a representation of Crone energy, mainly wisdom and healing. This is supported by the King of Bows to a large extent. I know snakes are also symbols of re-birth and transformation and initiations; all things that lead to personal growth and development which are talked about by the Knight of Vessels.

All things considered, if I am not ending this week a different person to who I am today, I should at least be on my way to changing or metamorphosing.

I will definitely be reading up on snakes tonight.

Wishing you all a happy and fruitful week

BB x

The Wildwood Tarot: Mark Ryan & John Matthews 2011

Tarot in Thyme: Kathryn Thyme Giese 2015

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