Monday, 10 August 2015

Theme of the Week: 10/08/15

Good afternoon Moonbeams,

How are you all? I'm fine ta. I have a fresh mug of tea and just finished a little meditation. Following on from the guidance from upstairs regarding my finding my equilibrium, I am making an effort to incorporate "spirit" into my trinity of mind, body and spirit. I am confident, mind and body will start to fall in line (as much as possible).  Oddly enough though, talking about my menstrual cycles in relation to the wheel keep turning up, I think the wheel has a slow puncture or loose bolt or something. I'm not too sure what is going on here. I suspect at my age, this particular cycle is just going to be a thing of wonder until my hormones run out...

Oh and I even got a wee bit of housework done this weekend too! obviously nothing too serious as this isn't the time to be getting giddy but it also occurred to me that I couldn't remember the last time I cleaned my hairbrushes so they got washed and left out to dry in the lovely afternoon sun. It is the little things that help me feel I have got it together.
Big upheavals and choices are the universes way of making me responsible for things and I know they are holding my hand but looking at a tatty hairbrush is well within my power and ability to sort out without adult (upstairs) supervision.

Anyway, tea and meditation done so I have shuffled and asked upstairs what I need to be thinking about this week. I have decided to have a check in with upstairs regarding my mind, body and spirit once a month and I am going with the Luna month, so my next check in will be on the dark moon on Friday.

Back to today though, I have been given Temperance and The Ace of Pentacles

Dominant Energy: Temperance
I like Temperance. I like the flow of energy, keeping it alive and fresh and aerated and bobbling. This is also about balance and I have been feeling out of balance hence the advise given last week; this is a welcome card. From this I feel I asked the right question last week, and I am being given confirmation that I am on the right path. To Temper is also to bring separate qualities together to create a new quality. How can I bring my qualities together into a harmonious new creation?

This card shows a big bird waving its wing to fan a fire whilst also dropping tears into the fire to keep it contained. Very apt! My sun sign is water, my moon is Fire and my rising sign is Air. I appreciate that I may need to find a way to bring my other trinity of being into a more balanced or harmonious whole.

Advice: The Ace of Pentacles
Ooh nice. Something grounded and steady, well as much as an Ace can be. This Ace is reminding me that seeds that I have scattered around wildly may be starting to grow. I need to look around me to see where the opportunities are developing. I need to show discernment here and look for the opportunities that will most help my development and do the best for me. This is not the time to be off chasing glitz, glamour and glitter, even though they are fun. They can wait for another time.

Upstairs are reminding me that whilst I have been feeling very unbalanced and lost, I need to find ways to bring my separate qualities together in harmony and also a reminder to remain grounded and steady.

Wishing you all a fun and fabulous week. Take care, BB x

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Friday, 7 August 2015

Something a little different today; Mind, Body and Spirit

Good afternoon Moonbeams,

How are you all? I hope you have had a good week. I am soo tired and looking forward to a big sleep this weekend. My Dad hasn't been so good and he has been in pain for the last week or so. Typical, the one week where I didn't get the chance to go visit at all, it's sods law!

He didn't tell me and I only found out at the weekend when I saw him and I had to bully him into going to see the doctor. He has had some initial tablets and then they will try to see what it is once he has finished this course. He is much better now but we still need to put a name to it and I also want him to ask for an allergy test as I think something he is eating isn't agreeing with him, as usual he is arguing that he is ok but he isn't. Plus he is my mums carer so he has to take his health a bit more seriously. I shall keep nagging until he caves in though.

So with all that is going on, I thought I would ask upstairs for guidance on what I need to know/do to help bring my Body, Mind and Spirit back into balance. I have had this phrase floating around in my ether for the past couple of weeks but it was only reading Olivia Destrades excellent blog First Earth Tarot earlier this week that reminded me of this spread.

I sat and shuffled and asked upstairs for guidance and I was given The Knight of Cups, The World and The 4 of Pentacles. Ok then...

Mind: Knight of Cups

I am too much The Knight of Cups at this time. I am moody and emotional and I can day dream for England. I have always been a day dreamer but my dreams are different now. I need to work through the mental chatter and the latent anger and get my mental equilibrium back.
I am well aware that I have not been letting things go as I should have this past couple of years. Up until a couple of years ago, I never held on to anything and it was easy, I just let everything go; but, I find it harder now and I hadn't realised just how much stuff I was holding on to.
I have started listening to a 15 minute drum meditation this week and so far I have listened to it 4 times. 3 of the times I have had feelings of rage flooding through my mind and 1 time I totally zonked out for an hour. I do not know where I went and what I was doing when I got there... I hope I was behaving.
I am going to keep listening to this meditation until I have cleared out the clutter that is blocking the light and the love.

Body: Wheel of Fortune

I have had this card 3 times now in about a week. Cycles then, well I know I am peri-menopausal (doctors default symptom checker once you hit 30) and my menstrual cycle isn't brilliant, but it never has been in the last 3 decades. There isn't much I can do to help myself there so what else must be going on? What can I affect? I suppose diet is the main thing. I don't have a bad diet and I rarely eat convenience foods (pizza is my downfall but I can't remember the last time I went out for a pizza. It was snowing, I remember that, but that still doesn't tie it down much when you live in Northern England :) ) My chap is a diabetic and coeliac so we mainly cook everything from scratch and don't eat out that often.
What has been on my mind though is an inclination for a more vegetarian diet and I am wondering if that would help. I don't eat meat everyday at all and both my chap and myself like fish. Well I think this might be the push to stop toying with it and dive in and see if that change in diet will help me to be more balanced.

Spirit: 4 of Pentacles

This is a warning indeed. I am seriously at risk of my energy stagnating. This card is advising me that I need to do the spiritual equivalent of "speculate to accumulate". I am well aware that I do not have the time to devote to Spirit that I ought and I haven't really made the effort to find the time. I would like to say I have sacrificed the housework to make the time, but I just sacrificed the housework.
I need to make a proper conscious effort to meet my spiritual needs. I have to be active and involved in my spiritual life, not just with meditation but in a daily practice otherwise I am never going to find my balance.

Well this is helpful indeed. I have firm and practical advice and guidance here so I have no excuses. Balance, here I come.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.

BB x

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Monday, 3 August 2015

Theme of the week 03/08/15: Wands and Swords and getting a wiggle on

Good afternoon Moonbeams,

How are you all? I hope you have had a good weekend. Mine was ok, we played out on Saturday at our local agricultural show which was fun even though the weather was poor in the afternoon. I also decided to unravel the knitting project I was 95% through as it just wasn't right. I am going to use the yarn to knit myself a new cardigan instead. It is alpaca and drapes beautifully.  And yesterday, I received some worrying news, hopefully there will be a positive update during the week. All things just to keep us on our toes and stop us getting complacent. We go through stages where nothing seems to run smoothly, all of which I was forewarned about with The Wheel of Fortune on Friday

This last week I have had the teachers arrive, the lesson I am currently working through, advance notice of my world being in motion and now a curve ball slung my way... So bearing this in mind, I have asked upstairs what I need to be thinking about.

I have been given the gifts of Movement, The Page of Wands and The Ace of Swords.

Theme: Movement
This is an echo of the Wheel of Fortune and reminds us that life is not, nor is it meant to be, static. We need movement for growth and development. Whilst change is necessary, it is not always easy and, we are reminded to face it head on and to try to work with it instead of wasting our energy working against it.

Dominant Energy: The Page of Wands
Whatever it is, it needs grabbing with both hands and running with. This Page is full of creativity and ideas and enthusiasm. We are reminded that if we are open to opportunities, we have the chance to learn and grow.

Action: The Ace of Swords
We are reminded to use our intellectual faculties here. We need to consider our options and choose the most appropriate channel for our creative endeavours. Our choices are unlimited and we are bound only by our imagination. The force of air is on our side.

Our world is changing and it looks like we are set for a long journey here. This change will offer opportunities to feed our creative needs and so we need to look out for them. We also have our thinking caps on and so we can look for solutions and strategies to help us on our path. With the force of air we need to either think big or more likely with the energy of movement, backed up by the wheel of fortune, we need to look at it from a different level or view point. Change is here, embrace it.

Wishing you all a lovely week

BB x

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