Monday, 30 March 2015

Happy new week. I hope you had a good weekend? I did. I was playing out in the North East at a family wedding reception. Sunday saw us walking along the beach which was lovely and of course a trip to the sea side isn't complete without wasting some time in the arcades. We had to get back for Sunday lunch or it would definitely have been fish and chips (it's the rules).

I always draw a card on Monday morning as my "Theme of the Week" and this morning it was The Queen of Swords.

The suite of swords correspond to the element of Air and govern the intellect. I find the suite in general and the Queen in particular, cold. I do not enjoy these cards, but, there is obviously a point to this card and something for me to think on (geddit?).

Briefly:  Do we need to raise our ideals or are we too unswaying in our faith of lofty and high ideals? Are we wallowing too much in an earthy or emotional life and not paying enough attention to the mind and ethics or are we too bound up in the intellectual pursuit of ethics and morality and not experiencing the messy side of life?

On balance, I think I may slightly be in the camp that isn't getting messy enough so we will have to see what the week brings.

Bright blessings

Friday, 27 March 2015

End of the 1st week

Well, this is the end of the 1st week of the rest of my life. Still not cracked my web page and struggled to get through with the "help" desk but it is not a problem. I will get through eventually and I have every confidence that they will be able to help me.  I joined Twitter and have 2 whole tweets registered, brilliant. @themoonstone1 is my handle although I'm sure no one younger than 40 will know what I mean by that.

I am still very much the fool as I am floundering around in my new life. I have felt the urge to leap into the unknown and I have leapt, to a degree, although I am not sure whether my small jump is the real deal or a practice jump for when I reach the cliff... time will tell, as it does in all things.

The fool, as depicted in many decks is not looking where s/he is going, just sauntering along in his/her own merry way but with their eyes raised up and not on the path in front. To me this has always resonated as "Their eyes were watching God" and it is this trust in the Divine that starts the journey.

On a giddy note, I am expecting my new oracle deck to be delivered today, very exciting.

wishing you all a lovely weekend.

Bright Blessings

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

The Fool

Today, is a big day for me... I am definitely The Fool embarking on a new journey of discovery. Today I have bought a domain and am attempting to set up a web page thingy and I have decided to "blog". This is a lot for someone who is used to having an IT department around that understood my attempts to explain what I wanted/what was wrong and could tell by the pitch of my voice how urgent and or important it was. If only bats could hear me when I rang them, then usually a team of IT angels would appear around my desk to decipher the issue and then it would be resolved whilst I was sent off to have a coffee out of the way.

Today, is the first day of the rest of my life. A life I am roughly 1/2 way through if I decide to live until I am 90 or so and it seemed like a good day to start again. 

I have decided to try and take my Tarot/Oracle card reading to a new level and see about it becoming a more integral part of my life. I have had tarot cards since I was 13 or 14 and I have used them on and off for the last few decades but it seems that Spirit or The Universe or Fate has decided I need to be a bit more committed (ha ha). Personally, I tend to talk to The Goddess, I am aware of many of her aspects but I am drawn to the overall Goddess, the feminine aspect of the divine. This in no way diminishes the masculine but is more like chatting to your mother instead of your father.

An Oracle card I drew today was "Communication" definitely a sign that I am on the right path and today, is indeed, a big day for me.

Well this is my first attempt at blogging, hopefully I will improve and now that I have done this thing, I shall go back to the mystery of my web page and hope the issue that drove me away to here has sorted itself out... I am always hopeful

bright blessings