Friday, 30 October 2015

In which I need a health check.

Hello there Moonbeams,

How are you all? Hope you are all well and happy and looking forward to the weekend. I have lost time this past couple of weeks and it is the end of the month already! I don’t know where time goes anymore.

A couple of weeks ago I developed a head cold that still hasn’t fully shifted. A bug seemed to have been going around that others caught whereby they developed a cold but with a temperature that burned the cold out in 2 to 3 days. I didn’t catch it. I am a very visual person when it comes to illnesses and stuff. I get a head cold and people’s eyes start watering when they look at me. I also get cold sores and not just one but many and people wince and cringe when they see me… My boss hates me having a cold, he can’t bear to look at me and keeps sending me home.

I also put my back out. I think it may have been sciatica. Golly does that hurt! I had my brother’s dog for the weekend and I bent down to put his lead on and stayed down for about 10 minutes.

You know when you knock your ankle or elbow you don’t breath for a minute and do a silent scream? That lasted about 10 minutes. I eventually got almost upright and managed the walk but it took me well over an hour to do what should only have taken 20 minutes.  So my first experience of back pain was horrible. I spent the next few days jacked up on ibuprofen, my pockets are still filled with moss agates for inflammation and lepidolite for pain relief and sciatica. I dug out my magnetic bracelet and I still have magnets in my knickers around my lower back and I haven’t been in pain for a few days now but I am still a bit twingy.

The magnets have been a great but even though they are small and covered in padded fabric at the front and Velcro at the back, I have had to wear substantial knickers to cope with keeping them in place. Ha, who am I kidding? I don’t need any excuse for big knickers, my mantra is “comfort, comfort, comfort”. Actually, my underwear is one of the reasons why I have a platonic relationship with a mythological God who is well known as a ladies man. It was one of the first things he pointed out to me!

So, I have asked upstairs about my (lack of) health and how I can better look after myself and I have been given the Aces of Pentacles and Swords.

Ok, whilst I have not been up for the uprush of any energy unless it was cocoa and scooting to bed whenever I could this is something to think about.

The Pentacles are reminding me to look after myself in a practical way through sustenance and nutrition and being comfortable. My diet isn’t bad at all but I should do more with medicinal foods to help keep my immune system healthy. I should find a way to get more strengthening herbs and similar into my food and drink.

The Swords are reminding me to be more mindful of what I do. I need to pay more attention to my thoughts and actions and look out for signs and signals that I am not doing the best I can.

Samhain blessings to you all

Take care

BB x

 Images: The Mythic Tarot, Juliette Sharman-Burke


Tuesday, 13 October 2015

New Moon spread 13/10/15: Mind, Body and Spirit

Good evening Moonbeams,

How are you? I'm shattered already and it is only Tuesday night. My mum hasn't been too well and she is suffering the side effects of some medication at the moment. I'm sure she will bounce back but I just have to acknowledge my parents are getting old; and they get ill now.

Anyway, back to the matter in hand. Tonight is the New Moon moonbeams which means what do I need to focus on this lunar cycle? Last night I (eventually) got rid of what no longer serves me, ready to have a clean slate for now.

I have been using a pretty heavy deck for shadow work this last 2 weeks and I really felt the need to pick up a light and airy deck tonight. My Linestrider has stepped up and offered herself for my needs.

I shuffled and asked Spirit what I need to think about this particular cycle in relation to my mind, body and spirit and we have The Knight of Swords, The 9 of Cups and The 2 of Swords.
I am very grateful that they are just minor arcana cards. I have had a lot of majors already this month.

Mind: The Knight of Wands

This is very apt. I have been pulling cards that have called on me to be creative, or to start being creative or to stop drowning my (latent) creativity before it has a chance to show itself. I have started a project to see how creative I can be and I am seriously going to need this chaps energy to help me. I am not looking for the finished article, just a proper effort to see how I can channel the creativity that Spirit keep pushing me to acknowledge.

I need to make sure I do some of it every day. I have read that it takes 31 days for something to become a habit. Is this right? If I purposefully do some of it every day for 31 days, then hopefully I will be in frame of mind to do something creative every day.
I was keen yesterday on day 1 but today was a bit of a struggle and tomorrow will be a challenge but I will make sure I definitely do something with it before my head hits the pillow tomorrow night.

Body: The 9 of Cups

Ok, this is a mystery to me. There is no way I feel 9 of Cups about my body at all. Unless unlike the mind card that will help me all month, this card is just confirming how I feel at this moment. I am stuffed full of a wonderful dinner :). I am struggling to keep my eyes open and I just want to go to bed and sleep and dream of wonderful things.

Spirit: The 2 of Swords

Well I think this is a fairly standard state of mind for me with regards Spirit. I adore Spirit. I can't imagine a life that didn't involve Spirit but there is always conflict, well there is on my side. I question and argue and even deliberately wake myself up from lucid dreams if I am not happy with what they want to share with me.

I am taking from this, that my relationship with Spirit wont get any easier this cycle. Still I am always grateful to have my relationship, even if it is rocky. I would hate for them to leave me.

In Summary:
I need to concentrate on creating. It does not matter what I create or even that there is something to show for it at the end, I just need to willingly put myself in a position of being able to create something. No doubt I will eventually find a path or medium that suits me and which enables me to express myself but for now, what is important is that I make the time and try.
My body enjoys being fed but it doesn't enjoy being tired. I really need to get a better grip on myself. One of my lessons is learning to not take on so much. When things/people/issues leave my life I must not rush to fill the gaps. I need to learn to be simpler and do a few things well instead of a lot of things haphazardly.
Spirit will continue to try to help me and I need to learn to be a bit more gracious. They have repeatedly pointed me in the direction of creativity and I know they will help me with my body. I just need to stop being awkward.

Well, good night moonbeams.
Wishing you all a smooth and comfortable ride this lunar cycle.

BB x

Images used by kind permission

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Theme of the week: 11/10/15

Good evening Moonbeams,
How are you all this fine Sunday evening? It has been a lovely weekend here but, as usual, vanished far too fast. 

My chap became a great uncle on Saturday which is fabulous and the first of the next generation in that family. Mother and son are doing well so that is brilliant news.

I have been very thoughtful this week as I am doing shadow work this month and so far it has bought up some real eye openers. I am not going to share information here as it is mainly a journaling exercise. What is not surprising is a number of issues that were highlighted last month have appeared already this month. The main theme so far centres on Cups. I have drawn 7 Cups, 6 Major’s, 2 Wands, 2 Pentacles and 2 Swords and we are only on the 11th. I haven’t done todays challenge yet and that is a 3 card draw when I get round to it later. What has been coming up from the cards and the questions is that I need to create more, or stop stifling my creativity. This is hard, I’m not too sure how and where to even begin to be a bit creative. Hopefully this month will throw out some inspiration.

What is an exact duplicate is that so far my greatest fear/challenge is the 2 of Cups! No doubt I will receive some clarity on this over the month but it is beginning to bother me.

As the month is being taken care of in challenges and is a huge learning curve, I have asked upstairs what I need to be considering for the week ahead:

Energy: 8 of Coins
This is the card of the artisan, the craftsman and the artist. I think I got this card twice last month. Ok, universe, I understand what you want from me. I do. I just don’t know how to go about it. I can only hope that I will spot the opportunities when they present themselves (don’t hold your breath though. The universe is a bit subtle and I am a bit dense). It is so odd; I have never considered myself to be creative in any way. Some people just seem to be naturally creative or artistic and it shows in every little thing such as what they wear or even how they can present a simple sandwich. I have always considered it a skill for which I have zero aptitude.

Apparently, I need to find some creative spark from somewhere… Anybody got any spare?

Advise: 10 of Wands

I have to let some things go. I am taking on too much and getting nowhere with any of it. It is better to do a few things and well instead of making a mess of a lot of things. A mess of a lot of things seems to have been my motto for quite a long time now. Of course this is easier said than done. How many commitments can I let go? Which ones do I have to stay with because I have signed on the dotted line and therefore can’t abandon, even if I wanted to? How do I prioritise them?

I suspect that some things will naturally leave my life because that is the way of the universe. The trick will be not automatically rushing to fill the void and therefore keeping up with doing too much.

Maybe if I don’t fill any gaps, I will find some inspiration to be a bit creative or to dabble in a few things and see which creative avenue talks to me.

It’s all a bit much; all I really ever want to do is eat and read.
Talking of which, I have recently got a cracking new book about the supernatural landscape of the
British Isles. It talks about how stories of giants shaped the physical landscape and how giants came to be in Britain. As the book progresses I will learn about how the tales of kelpies, black dogs and dragons came to life and somewhere in all this glory there will be tales of my beloved green man. Seriously, all I want to do is read.

Because I am also getting addicted to oracle cards, I have pulled a card for the week too:  Convolvulus: Find a flexible and easy going approach.

Well Moonbeams, wishing you all a happy and fulfilling week

BB x

Images used by kind permission

Plant Ally cards by


Sunday, 4 October 2015

Theme of the week: 04/10/15

Good evening Moonbeams,

how are you all? I am stuffed. I appear to have spent the weekend on a feeding frenzy and I now feel like a beached whale. I am not sorry and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm just not keen on the feeling I have now though, hopefully I will sleep it off and be back to good again tomorrow.

I am doing 2 challenges this month. One is a shadow work challenge that I am not going to share here. I haven't done todays challenge yet as I am still digesting day 2 and day 3's cards... October just isn't going to be long enough at this rate. I am also doing another straight forward challenge that has already hit the nail on the head and I will share that in a day or two when I have a few cards to go at.

For this evening though, I have sat and shuffled and asked upstairs what I need to think about for this week and I have been given The Star, the 8 of Cups (2nd time in 2 days) and Base Chakra.

Energy: The Star

I like The Star. Truth be told  like all the Major Arcana cards, but I do like The Star.  The Star talks to us of hope and that is always a good thing. You may be hoping on the impossible but the fact that you still care and still hope is, to me, uplifting.
The Star is the peg on which you can hang you hopes and dreams whilst you are working on them. You take them out, dust them off, darn any holes, tweak them here or there, hold them and cherish them. They can be long term or not but they are a measure of what you hold dear.  This is a week to look at my dreams, are they attainable as they are or do they need tweaking? Are they still valid or do they need to be dismantled and re-forged as something new?


Advise: 8 of Cups

I quite like this card too. Okay, there are probably 2 cards in a deck that I dislike, so generally I am going to get cards that I am comfortable with or can wok with.
The 8 of Cups is telling me that I need to draw the line under anything that no longer serves its purpose and move on.  There is nothing here left to work with, go find new pastures. Stop loitering.

Theme: Base Chakra

Whoop,  I love chakra's and the base chakra gives us so much to work with.  This is the chakra that gives us our get up and go as well as our feeling of being grounded and connected. This is knowing that your safety net is in place so that you can go flying.

In Summary:

I am acting from a position of strength which means I can take the time to examine and assess all in my life. From this I can sort out into various piles. The pile to throw out as it no longer serves me. The pile to keep as it is worthwhile and the pile that is worth mending and fixing as there is still a lot of benefit to be had.
I have to be ruthless though in sorting my piles. If it is to go, it is to go. Am I keeping things for the right reason? if not, let them go. If I can get rid of some of the clutter, I should be able to see the bigger picture again.

Have a good week
BB x

The Wild Unknown Tarot used by kind permission
Connected and Free: The Alchemist's Oracle by Inner hue

Friday, 2 October 2015

The Alchemical Tarot: Deck Interview

Good afternoon Moonbeams

Its Friday, and the sun is shining and it is supposed to last a few more days yet. Hopefully we will be able to get out tomorrow for a good mooch around somewhere new.

As you will know, I have spent September indulging in a love affair with The Alchemical Tarot (4th Ed. Robert M. Place 2015). I used a tarot challenge on Instagram as a means of getting to know this deck. It turned up 2 days before the challenge and so it was a bit of a risk committing myself but I am so glad I did.

First off, the size is great 7 X 12 cm so easy enough to use for average sized mitts like mine. The card stock is good too. Initially I thought they might be a bit flimsy but they have stood up to 30 days of continuous use with barely a scratch or scuff to show for it, which I am so pleased with.

Practically pristine

 The box, understandably, is now showing signs of wear and tear but I have bought the deck a new home and I believe it will be very happy in it.

The images on the decks are clean and clear to read. For a deck based on Alchemical symbolism, the images are surprisingly un-cluttered.  I am not fully au fait with the full range of symbolism but each card has the element to which it belongs in one of its corners, usually a top one. The colours are also symbolic with White, Red, Yellow and Black referring to an alchemical  stage. I bought the book that Robert M. Place has updated regarding Alchemy & the Tarot and the historic connections. It is fascinating, although slow going for me. It has a huge section on the individual cards for reference.

Whilst I believe I am going to continue enjoying this deck, I have decided to "interview" my decks going forward to get an idea of what each one has to offer. So I am starting with this one.
Thanks for this spread go to Beth of Little Red Tarot.

Card 1: Tell me about yourself. What is your most important characteristic?

8 of Vessels: I am intuitive and creative and I will help you to focus and remain centred in the now.

Card 2: What are your strengths as a deck?

5 of Swords: I am here to help fix what is broken. I will help you to let go of negative thinking and help you to believe that anything is possible.

Card 3: What are your limits as a deck?

6 of Wands: I will help you to love and honour yourself but beware of enemies once you start to progress.

Card 4: What are you here to teach me?

5 of Wands: To be creative from a place of centred-ness and connection to the universe/divine/Anima Mundi

Card 5: How can I best learn and collaborate with you?

4 of Vesssels: By being open to change and growth. We must break down the old to welcome in the new

Card 6: What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?

Lady of Swords: I will help you to sing your song.

This is brilliant. This deck is going to help me on my journey with guidance and love. Things will need to change but they will change because I desire them to and not because of any major traumas such as The Tower or to a lesser extent The Wheel.  These are all minor arcana cards and they tell me that the everyday is going to be taken care of.

I feel fully justified in adoring this deck.

Enjoy your weekend
Much love

BB x


Thursday, 1 October 2015

September challenge - Part 4 and round up.

Good afternoon Moonbeams,

How are you all? I'm fine but currently having a hot flush as I had to scoot into town for work and it was roasting! I am not complaining at all, I would always rather be warm than cool. English weather is a marvel and I am wishing and hoping very, very hard that this warm stretch lasts through the weekend.

Cracking on with the last few days, we have:

Day 28: What is lacking in my life?

Basically balance and magic.  Sometimes the truth hurts to hear and whilst I know my life is currently lacking, it still smarts to be told so. 

Day 29: How can I change this?
8 of Staffs

By chopping down the dead wood. In other words, don't take on so much or let some things go to free up time, energy and resources for what matters.

Day 30: What does October hold for me?
The World

I have come full circle. I have had some truths that I have been avoiding bought to my attention. I have asked questions I wouldn't normally ask and got some surprising and illuminating answers and I have been pointed in a couple of directions for answers and lessons that will help me on my way.

Well I have finished the September Challenge and I have been looking back on the month and tallying it all up. What stands out immediately is that of the 30 available days I got a Major Arcana card 9 times, that is almost a third of the month. This didn't mean that the month was a tidal wave of major activity, it was highlighting how much my inner world has changed/is changing/needs to change when I pull my finger out and get on with it.

From the minors, Cups appeared 7 times, followed by Wands 6 times, Pentacles 5 times
and 3 Swords. From this, the majority of my evolution is taking place in the inner realms of intuition and feeling. I also need to work on my creativity as an opportunity for expression and growth. I am also being asked to look very hard at my physical place in the world and my well-being and I am going to ignore the swords, as they barely registered, and I don't really like them.

In this there were 3 Aces. 2 Wands and a Cup, reminding me that the energy is there, I just need to tune in and use it.

What I liked very much is that I got a visit from each of the Queens over the month, the Queen of Cups liked it so much she made a repeat visit. I also had a King and 2 Knights call by so all in all it has been a very well rounded and action packed month.

This was my first Tarot challenge and I have enjoyed it immensely. The regular practice is incredibly helpful and has helped me realise just how much I really do love working with cards.

So much so, I am doing a couple of challenges this month. One is very similar to the Septemeber Challenge and for that I am going to use The Wild Unknown. The other, is a darker one and is steeped very heavily in Jungian psychology and is based on Shadow work which seems a very appropriate way of spending October; for this I am going to be using The Bohemian Gothic tarot deck.

All the brightest blessings of the season to you all

Take care X

Deck used: The Alchemical Tarot (4th Edition) Robert M. Place 2015