Monday, 29 June 2015

Theme of the week 29/06/15: The Star and The Daughter of Pentacles

Good afternoon Moonbeams,

How are you all? I hope you had a lovely weekend. I got a few hours of knitting in which was nice and the barest minimum of everything else...

I have shuffled and asked upstairs what this week will be bringing and we have The Star and The Daughter of Pentacles.

I would say we have a quiet week coming up - possibly the calm before the storm.

Dominant Energy: The Star
I love the Star, it is not an active card as such but I do like its energy very much.
The Star talks to us of hopes and dreams. It is a positive forward looking card.  Our hopes and dreams range from immediate desires through to life long dreams. The Star is the peg that they hang on to keep them safe and we take our dreams down and work on them and then they either get put back on their peg or they manifest as a reality and free up the peg for new dreams.  The Star can also offer clarity when we fail to see clearly. Hopes and dreams are vital but we have to live in the world.

Action: The Daughter of Pentacles.
The Daughter of Pentacles talks to us of abundance and wealth. This daughter reminds us to look for opportunities and openings to manifest these things in our lives.

We are reminded to dream and dream big and to look out when Mr Opportunity comes knocking.

Wishing you all a bright and shiny week.

BB x

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Friday, 26 June 2015

Something for the weekend 26/06/15: King of Wands & 4 of Cups

Good afternoon Moonbeams,

Well I have no plans for the weekend (cept maybe the barest minimum of housework...) so I am looking forward to whatever happens. Actually I really do need to finish my knitted waistcoat, it has been forgotten for too long now. And I need to write up a reading I did for an acquaintance and email it off to her. And clear a path through the jungle to the front door.
It might be busier than I first thought...

Anyway enough of my domesticity, what has upstairs planned?

I have shuffled and got The King of Wands and the 4 of Cups. Hmmm

Dominant Energy: The King of Wands
Oh my, well, The King of Wands is calling round. This should be fun. This King reminds us of our power. We do not need to beat people over the head with it, it is noticeable enough. We just need to own it and be responsible for it. It? what is it? well It is our fire, our passion and our strength. It is our creativity and spark and it is bloody Magnificent.
This King reminds us to be our selves, not to dim our light so as not to blind others. Let them wear shades because we need to shine.

Action: 4 of Cups
This 4 is emotional apathy and this apathy can spread; like spilled water it can find nooks and crevices to seep into and stay, undisturbed and stagnant.  This 4 reminds us of the down-ness or lack of joy when a honeymoon period is over. We can't be happy and excited and full of wonders for the future, whether in new relationship, job, project or period of life for ever. It wears off and we are left with the mundane. But what do we have to build on? what are the realities of our situation? Even without the rose tinted spectacles, does it have potential? is it still worthwhile? If yes, build it up and help it to grow. If not, consign it to its correct place in your history and move on but be realistic.

This is a reminder that we have to own our power and own it responsibly and realistically. Measure ourselves, are we doing all we can? are we being true? If something no longer works for us, why? can we fix it or does it need removing from our lives? consider what we are doing and why we are doing it and above all else, go out there and shine!

Have a happy and shiny weekend (with or without bunnies)

BB x

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Bunny rabbits!

Hello there Moonbeams,

Something a little different, two mornings in a row a bunny has run across the lane whilst I am driving. I see them most mornings playing in the fields but these two have been after my attention.

So, Bunny energy or medicine, what am I being asked to consider?

Rabbits talk to us of many things such as Fertility, Creativity, Growth, Speed, Perception and Abundance.

Fertility and Creativity can go together and I know my very fertile imagination and creative streak are so far out of sync that they are in different time zones. I struggle to marry them both up and on the rare occasion they do meet I may as well be mixing oil and water. This is a big lesson for me. How to get what is in my head out and into a concrete form. OK, thank you Mr Bun for highlighting my difficulty here, although with rabbits everywhere I suspect that this is about to change and it can only improve. It can only get worse if either my imagination or creativity move to a different planet!

Growth... strange one this. My first reaction was to say, Yep, none of that happening here, but there has. I have started my wee blog. I have always been opinionated but I have started to be a bit more political with it. There has probably been more growth that I am not aware of or not registered. Nothing stays static, people grow and change and evolve and you just don't always notice.

Speed. Right, I have the killer strike and get up and go of a sloth on Valium! But it's not just speed that bunnies have, they have the ability to change direction in mid air and at full speed. Rabbit talks to us of the speed of life and is warning me that my life is due for a change of pace and direction. I am going with the glass is half full here and therefore all this will be a good thing.

Perception. Rabbits are traditionally associated with Lunar Symbolism and this talks to us of intuition and emotion. Rabbits are of the tween times, dawn and dusk. I adore all tween times and states such as fog and mist too. These are the times of magic and mystery. I am aware that I have not been seeing the magic in my life recently and Mr Bun is reminding me of the need and to pull my fingers out and channel my inner witch again.

Abundance. Whilst Rabbits are associated with the Moon, they are also Earth animals and are intrinsically entwined with the primal energy of Mother Earth and are a reminder to be grounded and alert to what is going on in the home and immediate environment.  Rabbits talk to us of the benefits of mother nature and of being open to her energy including being generous with what we have. Rabbits have a vegetarian diet and they talk to us of the benefits of watching what we eat and even recommending a vegetarian diet if only for a short time. I have been moving to a more vegetarian diet but not fully as yet and I am even vegan some days.

Rabbit medicine is putting me on notice that my world is about to shift, quickly and suddenly. I need to reconnect with my magic but remain connected to the earth and keep myself healthy and well for the ride to come. Oh wow, this sounds fabulous!

Hope you all have a good weekend and look out for bunnies

BB x

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Theme of the week 21/06/15: The son of Pentacles & the Six of Wands

Good evening Moonbeams,

Solstice blessings to you all.

I hope you have had a good weekend? Mine has been a mixed bag. Yesterday was spent in The Himalayan Gardens and Sculpture Park and it was just what I needed. It rained on and off but it didn't spoil the day at all. It is a garden full of azaleas and rhododendrons and acers and it is so bee friendly too. You rarely spot the bees but the air vibrates from them, a marvellous feeling. They have almost all come to the end of their season but there was still a lot of colour to be seen and I needed to be outside wallowing in some beautiful nature.

Today was good in a way but I have some worries and niggles about what the future will be bringing and I am beginning to suspect sooner rather than later. Of course I am still talking years (I hope) rather than weeks or months. There isn't anything I can do other than try to be ready and hopefully others will be to. I just don't like being shown these glimpses of the future. But who does?

I have got myself all settled and shuffled and asked upstairs what I need to be thinking about for the week and I was given the Son of Pentacles and the Six of Wands. Fortunately nothing big or scary there.

Dominant Energy: Son of Pentacles

I's will be dotted and t's crossed this week, which is good. Care and patience are required, there will be no winging it. This son's energy is steadfast and once a stand has been taken, it will be seen through. We definitely carry the weight of our convictions. This energy advises us to be careful in what we do, but if we commit ourselves then it is all or nothing.

Action: Six of Wands

Okay, we are a little proud of ourselves and all for a pat on our respective backs, and why not? we have earned it and we deserve it.  This cards energy reminds us to appreciate our success but not to dine out on it for ever. It has a life span, respect it and then we must turn our attention to what is coming next.  What have we learned here and what can we take from our victory onwards to the next lesson or achievement?

Hard work and diligence is required but know your worth and do not undersell  or undervalue yourself. Celebrate your victories but remember it is a journey, one win is not the end, but the start of the next phase.

Wishing you all a happy and shiny week.

BB x

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Good afternoon Moonbeams,

I have had over 500 page views!!! This is brilliant and deserves cake.

Thank you all so much for visiting & hopefull keep coming back. 

BB x

Friday, 19 June 2015

Something for the weekend 19/06/2015 The Lovers & The Wheel

Good evening Moonbeams,

I hope you have all had a good week and have a suitably fabulous weekend lined up. Weather permitting we will be out tomorrow which I am looking forward to. I feel a bit stale after being in the office all week and working late two nights and I want to be out in some sunshine with a breeze to freshen me up again. The breeze will be a given as it is very cold and windy now and it looks like rain is on its way. I am hoping it blows over though.. Everything is crossed and I am wishing really hard.

I have shuffled and asked upstairs what the weekend will be bringing and, it will be bringing quite a bit it would seem. I have been given The Lovers and The Wheel of Fortune. Can we just take a minute to appreciate two Major Arcana cards. This is big and I doubt it will be a relaxing weekend.

Dominant Energy: The Lovers
The Lovers speak of choices. Choices are good provided they are of benefit and advancement and general goodwill. If the choice is between the devil and the deep blue sea, then the choices aren't so good.  As we are in the realm of the Major Arcana and therefore our higher selves, then the choices are going to be of weight. The Lovers are asking us to consider our personal beliefs and we will need to know where we stand and what we stand for.
Fortunately the energy of the Lovers is one of attraction and we can draw on the universe to send us the right people, opportunities or ideas to help us out here.

Action: The Wheel of Fortune
Round and round she goes and where she stops, no body knows.
This sums up the energy of The Wheel to me. It brings to mind circles and cycles within circles and the constant flow of energy required to turn the wheel.
That the Wheel is turning is inevitable, but how will we be affected? It is completely out of our hands, all we can do is react to what is given to us. We can not predict surprises but we can at least be on guard that something will occur. Maybe it is a light bulb moment, an answer we have been looking for or some serendipity that sets a train of events in motion.  Whatever it is, this is energy in motion.

An active weekend then, the universe is in motion and it will be our turn to step up and know ourselves and as they are both Major Arcana, there will be lessons to be learned from which we will hopefully grow and develop.

Have a good weekend

BB x
images used by kind permission The Prisma Visions Tarot

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

What did the Queen of Swords tell me?

Good afternoon Moonbeams,

Having pulled the Queen of Swords in consecutive spreads, I decided to ask what she wanted to tell me. The Swords are all about the intellect, clear and decisive, high minded and ethical and the Queen embodies these in a way that is above all, honest and with a side of wit.

I pulled her out of the deck so that I could talk to her whilst shuffling and I decided to go with the following 3 card spread.

Card 1: What do I need to understand at this time?
Card 2: What do I have to let go of now?
Card 3: What do I need to embrace now?

Card 1: What do I need to understand at this time?

The 4 of Pentacles:

The 4 talks to me of blocked change, that I am not experiencing and sharing in the flow of energy. It is possible that I am too afraid to open myself up and that I have entrenched myself in a position of defence. Defence is too strong a word, I am not being attacked so it is probably more like sitting on the side-line because if I don't participate, I can't get hurt or embarrassed but I also can't learn and grow. I think this 4 is advising me of the situation I have gotten myself in and by highlighting this, hopefully I can now do something about it. As I say, you have to see it to heal it.

Card 2: What do I have to let go of now?

The Ace of Pentacles:

This Ace advises me that the initial oomph has been and gone and I have to move on to the next stage now. I can not keep basking in the glow of the seed, I have to make room for it to grow and flourish. This agrees with the 4, move on, open myself up and see where it takes me. Have faith in what has started and enough faith to see it through.

Card 3: What do I need to embrace now?

The Princess of Swords:

This Princess reminds me that there will be challenges, and they won't all be easy or straightforward. The plus side is that they will help me develop and progress which is what the 4 and the Ace are advising me. The Princess tells me that I have the skills to see me though the challenges and I will develop new ones or more robust ones as I progress. The Princess reminds me to use my mind and to see these challenges as opportunities and embrace them.

This all seems very straightforward. Get off the side-line, warm up and join in. Start small and build yourself up. Don't find a niche or safe spot to hang out in, keep striving and improving.

I highlighted four areas of my life where this could relate, which is a bit shocking. I wrote them down and allocated them a specific suite; Pentacles, Cups, Wands & Swords and I shuffled and asked the Queen to highlight which one of these areas I should prioritise at this time and I was given The Daughter of Wands:

The Daughter of Wands speaks to me of creativity and enthusiasm, to embrace opportunities that present themselves and feed my talents and passion.

Basically, no more dithering, go for it!

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Monday, 15 June 2015

Theme of the week w/c 15/06/15: Queen of Swords & 6 of Pentacles

Good morning  Moonbeams

How are you all today? I got everything done this weekend that I wanted to. I should really "want to do some housework" one weekend... I got my pipe fixed with a fairly good bodging job and after lots of trials and no leaks it has all been buried again so back to washing up and using the washing machine, eventually :)
The weather is causing a bit of havoc with me as the immense heat on Saturday and the blooming cold yesterday has occasioned me to wake up with cold sores up my nose boo, I am un-impressed.

As far as I am aware, I have nothing special or out of the ordinary planned for this week and so I have shuffled and asked upstairs what I need to think about for the week ahead and I have been given the Queen of Swords and the 6 of Pentacles:

The Queen of Swords again! I am obviously missing something here and I do not know if I am supposed to be more like her or less like her. I shall write a specific spread that will hopefully shed light on her and her energy and I will post it tomorrow.

Dominant Energy: Queen of Swords
The Queen at this time reminds us to use our intelligence. What do I need to know? What am I not seeing or doing? What is the truth? What is MY truth? so, how can I best use her energy at this time to help me?

Action: 6 of Pentacles
Ooh pentacles, this is new.
The 6 reminds us of charity, wealth and generosity. If we have sufficient, share freely with those who don't. If we do not have sufficient, and someone is in a position to help, allow them to help knowing that we will be able to do the same some time. Being proud, isn't helpful at this time and can stop the flow of energy (wealth) meaning it can stagnate. This means the flow doesn't move on, gathering momentum and strength therefore enabling it to go further and faster.

Whilst we have the intellect of the swords guiding us on to finding our truth and acting and behaving accordingly, the swords energy can leave us being aloof and distant whilst we think our higher thoughts. In balance, we have the energy of the pentacles reminding us to be generous and active. The Swords may see the sense in sharing, but the Pentacles drives us to action, to keeping the flow of energy in order to help ourselves and others.

Have a good week Moonbeams
Take care

BB x

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Friday, 12 June 2015

Something for the weekend 12/06/15: The Queen of Swords & The Chariot oh my!

Good afternoon Moonbeams,

Hope you have all had a lovely week. Mine has been an adventure and it is a good thing that I am basically very easy going when things go wrong...
Long story short, a pot plumbing pipe has been broken and until it is fixed I can't use the kitchen sink or washing machine. As my cottage is old, none of the fittings and things are standard with todays fittings and things. Fun times.

But enough of that, what of the weekend? well I am out most of Saturday with the morning being spent at the hairdressers, I fancy a change so I think I shall go quite a bit shorter, somewhere between 6 & 8 inches I think will do - it will still be shoulder length so will still tie up. And then a few hours will be spent in Harrogate at the AGM of the Yorkshire Healers Association and then I think a quick trip round to Knaresborough for its annual bed push. I will miss the bed push but there will be lots of other things going on with food and drink and bands and stuff so a full and fun day.

Sunday may see me still staring at a broken pipe and willing it to fit whatever fixture it is going to be bodged with...

I've asked upstairs for guidance on the weekend and was given The Queen of Swords & The Chariot.
There is always a sword these days and royalty is becoming a bit common now but the Chariot, this is new, very new indeed.

Dominant Energy: Queen of Swords (Mother of Swords)
This Queen reminds us of our capacity to hold to high and mighty ideals and our noblest ethics. To seek the highest human state of thought and action. The Queen also requires, of others as well as ourselves, a level of perfectionism that is generally unattainable or at least attainable for any length of time. (Obviously she is not talking about my plumbing skills...). This can lead to loneliness and disappointment as we expect too much, of ourselves and others. This Queen is a warning about aiming too high ethically and forgetting the human touch, the bit of ourselves and others that make us unique.

Action: The Chariot
The Chariot reminds us of our strength to take control when needed. We are instinctual beings with natures that roam through the emotional spectrum and the Chariot reminds us we are strong enough to master ourselves, to live and love without losing control or sight of what it means to live in society and at the same time allowing expression of our natures without repressing and burying ourselves alive. Wild and freewheeling can be as dangerous as suppression.

So, whilst we need our higher self, and our desire and right to stand up for what we believe and to question and fight injustice, we have to remember our human side too. We have to make allowances for others who may not feel the same way we do or not to the extent that we do. We have to remember that there may be issues that we aren't bothered about that others will be. And we are all valid. Our behaviour is important.

This has all been bought home very strongly to me as these last few days. An incident has happened connected to work that has stirred me up and I have led a rallying call to arms. I have to respect others opinions and thoughts and experiences and remember not to shove my own ideals and moralities down their throats. There will be a discussion in due course and I can only hope it will turn out for the best. Of course my best won't be someone else's and again, behaviour will be everything.

Hmmm big lesson in there for me...

Enjoy your weekend all

BB x
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Tuesday, 9 June 2015


Hello there Moonbeams,

I was made very much aware of the colour yellow yesterday. It also came to me in guided meditation during open circle yesterday evening and it came up more than once in my dreams last night. At one point a God I have a passing acquaintance with was wearing a yellow cardigan to match the one I was knitting in my dream. He looked better in a yellow cardigan with a slight lace rib than is humanly possible...

For those that are interested, I am more Goddess centric in my spiritual beliefs. Not any specific Goddess, just the overall Feminine element and I am more than happy with any and all of her manifestations. I am also connected to the God element in his capacity as her consort and I also have an abiding affection for the Green Man in all his aspects. Not sure why I am sharing this bit but no doubt it will come clearish.

So, back to yellow, I like yellow but what is it telling me?

Yellow is also the colour of Air in elemental theories and therefore represented by Swords (yay...) in the tarot world. I get an unusual amount of swords in my tarot work. Air represents communication, travel and the intellect, very sophisticated.

Looking up from my desk, I am drawn to a lovely chakra representation on my office wall in front of me and the yellow chakra is the Solar Plexus chakra, also the 3rd chakra in the basic methodology. 3 is also my birth number and this relates to the Tarot as The Empress, which is my birth card. Back to the chakra though and the solar plexus is the bridge between the physical and the spiritual. Do I need  to strengthen my links between the physical and the spiritual? The mantra of the solar plexus is "I do"

Also, my world would be seriously lacking if I didn't have crystals and gems and stones scattered around my home, car, office and person. So what of yellow stones?
Yellow stones are projective energy and this energy is also protective. Mercury rules these stones and elements which enhances their energies of the higher intellect, wisdom, travel and communication. I scooped up some of my yellow stones to show; being, Tigers Eye, Calcite, Amber, Citrine and a rutilated quartz because the rutile is such a bright yellow.

After giving this some thought, I believe I need to reign in my thoughts and ground them into an actuality or reality and try to make something concrete out of what is constantly going on in my head. I have so many ideas and projects that are all theoretical and I am being given some big nudges to be practical and to Do not just Think.

BB all x

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Theme of the Week 07/06/15 The Sun & The Ace of Swords

Good evening Moonbeams

How are you all this glorious Sunday evening? I'm feeling pretty groovy, but then again I am solar powered so this sun has definitely agreed with me.
I had an enjoyable family time yesterday which involved a fabulous dinner in a very good Chinese restaurant. A long walk today and killed some time this afternoon by mooching around a garden centre and wondering if a pond is a good idea...

So feeling all at peace with the world, I have shuffled and asked upstairs what I need to know or think about for next week and what fabulous cards were given to me! I'm really chuffed and grateful.

The Dominant Energy: The Sun
The Sun people! The Sun!! oh my.
This is a reminder that the universe has our back. This card talks to us about warmth and illumination. Light is being shone into all the dark places chasing the shadows away and giving us "light bulb" moments. This is a time of confidence and trust in ourselves and abilities. We don't just smile, we beam and radiate the love of the universe out to all to see. This is a time to let our light show.

Action: The Ace of Swords
As you all know, I am not too fond of swords but I like the Ace, as I do all Aces. This particular Ace reminds us to use our higher intellect to cut swiftly and cleanly through the fog to see the crystal clear truth of the matter in order for us to act ethically and honestly. This sword too, can also augur a light bulb moment.

Well, The Ace of Swords can be our guide and pole star to help us get through the love fest the Sun is bringing our way. To enable us to see clearly and to stop us burning so bright that we burn ourselves or others along the way.

Wishing you a bright and powerful week

BB x

The Prisma Visions Tarot - used by kind permission

Friday, 5 June 2015

Something for the Weekend: 05/06/15 Queen of Pentacles & Strength

Hello there Moonbeams,

How are you all this fair Friday? I am struggling a bit as I was out past midnight last night and I am just not used to it anymore… Cracking night though watching a couple of bands play in York.
Shanty from London and The Magnificent Seven from York. A toe tapping night of Reggae and Ska.

I am coming around due to the sugar in the copious amount of grapes I am munching my way through. I will stop before my tum starts fizzing and I feel like I am fermenting. No one wants to go into a Friday night all bloated up like a balloon!

I have asked upstairs what groovy things the weekend will be sending and we have The Queen of Pentacles and Strength, not bad.

Dominant Energy:
The Queen of Pentacles reminds us of the joys of comfort and sharing. We are called on to open our doors and share our tea and biscuits, chat, love, laugh and share. We don’t need a drama or go overboard with the quality of the biscuits, we just need to be there.

Strength reminds us to go about our business in a compassionate way. Can we use our strength to persuade or guide in a helpful and caring way? We are reminded to be patient (not one of my virtues I’m afraid…) and tolerant. Strength reminds us not to give up but to draw on our inner reserves and hold to the path we know is right.

So, this doesn’t sound too bad at all does it? We are called on to be social and sharing without being a drama queen and to be kind and tolerant. Basically how we should always be.

I am looking forward to the weekend, there will be challenges but I am called on to approach them calmly and to see how I can help those who need to feel connected.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend
Take care

BB x

The Wild Unknown Tarot used by permission