Friday, 27 May 2016

After exercise...

Good afternoon Moonbeams

Are how are? I hope you are all well and happy and looking forward to the weekend. Here in the UK it is a long weekend, a bank holiday, which is usually indicative of some not very nice weather...

When I had dogs, it never bothered me what the weather was doing as I would be out in it irrespective. As I don't have them anymore, the weather has started to bother me. I appreciate it is still the same weather and therefore it is me that has changed. This is true.

But, how have I changed? I can't put my finger on it exactly. I know I am more mellow and less sarcastic but I had put it down to apathy. I just couldn't be bothered with stuff/people/situations so I didn't get involved or at least involved enough to warrant a response.

I know my attitude to myself has changed. I have always been conscious of using cruelty free products on myself and I have always hated synthetic fibers, so I would and still do only wear natural fibers, especially next to my skin.  Mainly though,  I have started to get picky about what I will put in myself and I pay a lot more attention to food now than I ever did. I have been organic, food wise, for a long time and my attitude to meat and animal cruelty is definitely more pronounced than it ever was. And then, to top it all off, I thought it would be a good idea to exercise.


Well it wasn't quite what I expected. I didn't expect the room to spin and to feel sick from it! It is a lot more physical than I had imagined it to be. Obviously my complete lack of research on yoga and what it is definitely caused a shock to my old system!

I also suffer from cramp in my feet and toes and I wasn't surprised when I had to drop out for 5 mins as my right foot cramped up. This in itself isn't an issue, I get it a lot. What was the issue, was,  I didn't have any Obsidian on me to help it to clear up in lickity split time. Seriously, I swear by Obsidian; If you suffer from cramps, check it out.  I also sacrificed 2 finger nails. This is my own fault. I knew they were getting too long and I needed to file them down, I just hadn't got round to it. I have now.

Driving home afterwards, feeling myself ache in parts of my body that I don't normally feel anything from, I thought "I am going to be in so much pain tomorrow...". But i'm not. I really am not. I imagine that because my body was in trauma from the exercise, I just went straight to sleep to block it all out and I woke up feeling pretty gosh darn great (not Friday feeling related at all*ahem*).

So, what do I think? I think that on reflection, it was brilliant. I will definitely go again next week. Being more prepared, I will not eat a huge bowl of pasta at 6 o'clock as that definitely didn't help once I started torturing myself at 7.30. I will eat less, an empty stomach will kill me and I will wear my thermal socks from the start.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend

Thursday, 26 May 2016


Good afternoon Moonbeams

How are you all?

Here in the Northish of England it has been warm and lovely and cold and miserable. I saw a fabulous word today that was describing the weather, mizzley. Mizzley, isn't that a brilliant word?

I appear to be living in limbo at the moment, I have nothing to report and I really couldn't tell you anything outstanding that has happened in the last few weeks. Nope, nothing.

Since my babies passed on 18 months ago or so I haven't actually done any exercise, as such. I sometimes wander aimlessly around some grounds but I don't actually go for a walk of a few miles most days like I used to do and did for 15 years and I miss it. I feel sluggish and "meh" a lot.  I do want another pup/s but my home situation has changed and I don't have my dog walker anymore for those days when I might not be able to get  home from work during a lunch break. Dog/s are on my mind a lot and I am sure that if it is meant to be, one will present itself...

Anyway back to exercising. I have been on to the interwebs for a look and there is a beginners yoga class not that far from where I live on a Thursday evening. I have never done yoga. I know people tend to talk highly of it but it just never appealed to me. But, then again, it didn't have to as I didn't have time as I had 2 Springer Spaniels who wanted to be outside all the time romping around and truth to tell, if it was pouring down, being outside with my girls was the best feeling in the world.

I do need to sort myself out, I am *cough* years old and basically *cough cough* aged and it is starting to show, I am getting a bit tatty around the edges and really slowing down. My appetites have changed too, I am mainly vegetarian most days and left to my own devices; but I still eat meat when it is put in front of me, and I haven't told my Dad.  He has enough on his plate (geddit?) without having to factor things like that in for me. I go around for tea one night a week and it's not really worth any hassle. He is a good cook and always cooks something from scratch for me. I suppose yoga is a natural progression...

So, I shall go and give this here yoga lark a try this evening and see how it goes. You never know I may become converted and totally evangelical on yoga and all things yoga related, i'm sure stranger things have happened.

I have asked upstairs, what do I need to know about attending this class and I have been given The Knight of Pentacles and Prudence. Another great word, Prudence, I love it.

The Knight of Pentacles talks to me of protecting my assets, of which, health is an important aspect so yes, this is a good idea.

Prudence talks to me of completion and of fulfilling goals. Between them, I need to look after myself and find wholeness again. A bit much for my first stab in a beginners class but on the whole and looking at the bigger picture, this might just be a giant step in the right direction of "sorting myself out"

Take care

The tarot of the Sevenfold Mystery: Robert M Place (Hermes Publications 2012)

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Mind, Body and Spirit

Good afternoon Moonbeams

How are you all? I have been very busy although I do not seem to have achieved much! I has last week off work, allegedly to do some chores, but I knitted and went out instead. The weather was glorious and it seemed a shame to waste it inside.

We went to Haworth one afternoon and I bought some Dragons blood incense. I have been a bit obsessed with trying this for a while now so when I saw a packet of it, I had to have it. I haven't tried any of it yet though. Mainly because I am crap at burning resin incense. I tend to burn it or else I wait too long and then the charcoal isn't hot enough anymore and it just slightly melts. The other reason is that my chap has been around for the weekend and he hates the smell. He complains whenever I burn incense sticks never mind the fire hazard that is resin... Anyway, if I am home at a reasonable time this evening, I shall have a go.

I thought a check in was in order so I have shuffled and asked upstairs what I need to know and pulled the Knight of Wands, The Ace of Cups and The 8 of Coins, alrighty then.

Mind: the Knight of Wands

Yes indeed, I am very much a mind on fire right now with a new project. I need to fan the flames and channel the creativity and passion  with purpose lest it gets out of control and causes problems. I need to trust my instincts and be daring and optimistic, as the great hero said "he who dares..."

Body: The Ace of Cups

The potential for change is there, it just needs some purpose. What can I do for myself to nourish and nurture and love myself? How can I be better? The nicer weather is usually the catalyst that powers me out of my winter slump and makes me keen to improve my diet and get out more in the fresh air. I am definitely solar powered.

Spirit: 8 of Coins

So what new skills can I learn to help me on my spiritual path? where can I dedicate my energies in order to develop? practice makes perfect and I must be humble enough to know that I need to learn and practice, practice, practice.

I am at a threshold in my life and I am stepping over it. What new adventures await?

take care and have fun

The Golden Tarot by Kat Black. U.S. Games