Tuesday, 7 June 2016

A delayed reaction to exercise

Good afternoon Moonbeams

How are you all? I am sat in a dim, murky office that never sees any direct sunlight so unlike my colleagues, I am wearing a fleece. An effing flipping fleece when it is allegedly 26 degrees out there! humph!

Apart from that though, I'm fine. Well I am fine now, I haven't been fine and all of it has been self inflicted...

I woke up my first morning after attending my first Yoga class and I felt great. I felt great pretty much all that day and evening. Then, it got me. About 10 o'clock that night, I started twinging (twinging? is that a word?) and I definitely started to feel it. It got worse in bed, every time I wanted to turn over my muscles *cough snigger* cramped. I was not happy.

I stayed like this all weekend. I was not happy. Of course it all wore off by the time the work week started again. I spent the next few days pondering on whether I was going to continue inflicting this kind of trauma on myself and I came down firmly in the "yes" camp, why the hell not?

I went back on Thursday and the Yogi (is that what we call yoga teachers?) instructor/facilitator looked pleased to see me and said "oh you've come back" I replied that after my weekend I nearly didn't. She just laughed.

The 2nd week wasn't as bad. I didn't eat a huge bowl of pasta and I kept my thermal socks on which cut down on the feeling sick and cramps. The room still spun a bit and when, after one particular pose which involved wrapping myself into a knot, I REALLY felt a muscle twinge I winced; golly I sound feeble and pathetic. The Yogi/instructor/facilitator happened to see me wince and rub my muscle and she beamed out "yes, that is the muscle we are working on, well done!" I tried to feel proud, but I think I just muttered something.

Driving home afterwards though, I felt OK. I was tired but I didn't ache like I did after the first session. Due to a mix up with my Dad, I went straight home. Had he been paying attention, I would have gone to the pub for the 2nd half of the England Portugal game and I think a glass of something medicinal would have been most beneficial.

Again, I slept well and woke up all bright eyed and bushy tailed on Friday. Again I started to get a bit twingy as the day progressed but then I lost track of everything. We went to York in the evening to see my chaps fabulous daughter and her band play. They were very late on due to the back up from the bands before them and so it was a few drinks and dancing and a very late night.

I only see my chap at weekends, and I don't sleep well when he is there, so not much sleep that night and I could feel my muscles *cough snigger* cramping a bit, but not as much. Then it was an early start as we had lots to do before scooting off down to the Leicester area for a party. It started mid to late afternoon and we didn't get to bed until after 3am. I was drunk, sober and then drunk again and I got absolutely no sleep that night. My chap snores anyway, but when he is completely trollied it doesn't matter what position he is in, he sounds like a chain saw!!

Golly I was fragile the next morning, and we all met up for breakfast, which was just cups of tea and some fruit for me.  Driving home, we stopped off to enjoy the glorious day and to partake of some culture so we called in at Bolsover Castle. It's an interesting place and the weather was wonderful. Actually, I could have just stretched out on one of the many lawns and slept for England, but I didn't. I forced myself to stay awake and then when he finally went home early evening I scooted off to bed before he had finished closing the garden gate and slept the night through, it was wonderful!

I felt OK when I got up but as the day progressed I started to fade again and so I had to give my apologies to the Circle I love attending on Monday evenings in Morley. Serves me right as apparently I have missed a cracking night. That should teach me, I have nobody to blame but myself but hangover aside, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and glad I went.

Obviously that weekend was a rarity, I do not usually drink so much or stay awake much past 10. I am not really rock n roll at all. I also do not usually have so much to share about my shenanigans or general lack there off!

Earlier today, I was able to sit for a minute and pull a card. I was musing on what I needed to know going forward and upstairs gave me Expectation

In this deck, Expectation is "The expectations you place on yourself and others restrict and constrain.
Free yourself and your relationships by releasing expectation.
Expectation strangles creativity and life force, producing resentment."  This leads to the questions
Where do I need to check my expectations? Am I putting myself under pressure? Getting overwhelmed?
Whatever expectations I am carrying, need to be released I need to expect less and be more. It seems very appropriate as on the whole, last weekend aside, I have been a bit overwhelmed and as I said above, it is all self-inflicted.

Hopefully, I haven't bored you all too much, but I'll not have this much to say again in the forseeable future, as I'm not going out again! 
Look after yourselves
Have a fruitful week

Yoga cartoon from Ccassandra and Expectation from Connected & Free, The Alchemist's Oracle by Inner Hue http://innerhue.com/

Friday, 27 May 2016

After exercise...

Good afternoon Moonbeams

Are how are? I hope you are all well and happy and looking forward to the weekend. Here in the UK it is a long weekend, a bank holiday, which is usually indicative of some not very nice weather...

When I had dogs, it never bothered me what the weather was doing as I would be out in it irrespective. As I don't have them anymore, the weather has started to bother me. I appreciate it is still the same weather and therefore it is me that has changed. This is true.

But, how have I changed? I can't put my finger on it exactly. I know I am more mellow and less sarcastic but I had put it down to apathy. I just couldn't be bothered with stuff/people/situations so I didn't get involved or at least involved enough to warrant a response.

I know my attitude to myself has changed. I have always been conscious of using cruelty free products on myself and I have always hated synthetic fibers, so I would and still do only wear natural fibers, especially next to my skin.  Mainly though,  I have started to get picky about what I will put in myself and I pay a lot more attention to food now than I ever did. I have been organic, food wise, for a long time and my attitude to meat and animal cruelty is definitely more pronounced than it ever was. And then, to top it all off, I thought it would be a good idea to exercise.


Well it wasn't quite what I expected. I didn't expect the room to spin and to feel sick from it! It is a lot more physical than I had imagined it to be. Obviously my complete lack of research on yoga and what it is definitely caused a shock to my old system!

I also suffer from cramp in my feet and toes and I wasn't surprised when I had to drop out for 5 mins as my right foot cramped up. This in itself isn't an issue, I get it a lot. What was the issue, was,  I didn't have any Obsidian on me to help it to clear up in lickity split time. Seriously, I swear by Obsidian; If you suffer from cramps, check it out.  I also sacrificed 2 finger nails. This is my own fault. I knew they were getting too long and I needed to file them down, I just hadn't got round to it. I have now.

Driving home afterwards, feeling myself ache in parts of my body that I don't normally feel anything from, I thought "I am going to be in so much pain tomorrow...". But i'm not. I really am not. I imagine that because my body was in trauma from the exercise, I just went straight to sleep to block it all out and I woke up feeling pretty gosh darn great (not Friday feeling related at all*ahem*).

So, what do I think? I think that on reflection, it was brilliant. I will definitely go again next week. Being more prepared, I will not eat a huge bowl of pasta at 6 o'clock as that definitely didn't help once I started torturing myself at 7.30. I will eat less, an empty stomach will kill me and I will wear my thermal socks from the start.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend

Thursday, 26 May 2016


Good afternoon Moonbeams

How are you all?

Here in the Northish of England it has been warm and lovely and cold and miserable. I saw a fabulous word today that was describing the weather, mizzley. Mizzley, isn't that a brilliant word?

I appear to be living in limbo at the moment, I have nothing to report and I really couldn't tell you anything outstanding that has happened in the last few weeks. Nope, nothing.

Since my babies passed on 18 months ago or so I haven't actually done any exercise, as such. I sometimes wander aimlessly around some grounds but I don't actually go for a walk of a few miles most days like I used to do and did for 15 years and I miss it. I feel sluggish and "meh" a lot.  I do want another pup/s but my home situation has changed and I don't have my dog walker anymore for those days when I might not be able to get  home from work during a lunch break. Dog/s are on my mind a lot and I am sure that if it is meant to be, one will present itself...

Anyway back to exercising. I have been on to the interwebs for a look and there is a beginners yoga class not that far from where I live on a Thursday evening. I have never done yoga. I know people tend to talk highly of it but it just never appealed to me. But, then again, it didn't have to as I didn't have time as I had 2 Springer Spaniels who wanted to be outside all the time romping around and truth to tell, if it was pouring down, being outside with my girls was the best feeling in the world.

I do need to sort myself out, I am *cough* years old and basically *cough cough* aged and it is starting to show, I am getting a bit tatty around the edges and really slowing down. My appetites have changed too, I am mainly vegetarian most days and left to my own devices; but I still eat meat when it is put in front of me, and I haven't told my Dad.  He has enough on his plate (geddit?) without having to factor things like that in for me. I go around for tea one night a week and it's not really worth any hassle. He is a good cook and always cooks something from scratch for me. I suppose yoga is a natural progression...

So, I shall go and give this here yoga lark a try this evening and see how it goes. You never know I may become converted and totally evangelical on yoga and all things yoga related, i'm sure stranger things have happened.

I have asked upstairs, what do I need to know about attending this class and I have been given The Knight of Pentacles and Prudence. Another great word, Prudence, I love it.

The Knight of Pentacles talks to me of protecting my assets, of which, health is an important aspect so yes, this is a good idea.

Prudence talks to me of completion and of fulfilling goals. Between them, I need to look after myself and find wholeness again. A bit much for my first stab in a beginners class but on the whole and looking at the bigger picture, this might just be a giant step in the right direction of "sorting myself out"

Take care

The tarot of the Sevenfold Mystery: Robert M Place (Hermes Publications 2012)

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Mind, Body and Spirit

Good afternoon Moonbeams

How are you all? I have been very busy although I do not seem to have achieved much! I has last week off work, allegedly to do some chores, but I knitted and went out instead. The weather was glorious and it seemed a shame to waste it inside.

We went to Haworth one afternoon and I bought some Dragons blood incense. I have been a bit obsessed with trying this for a while now so when I saw a packet of it, I had to have it. I haven't tried any of it yet though. Mainly because I am crap at burning resin incense. I tend to burn it or else I wait too long and then the charcoal isn't hot enough anymore and it just slightly melts. The other reason is that my chap has been around for the weekend and he hates the smell. He complains whenever I burn incense sticks never mind the fire hazard that is resin... Anyway, if I am home at a reasonable time this evening, I shall have a go.

I thought a check in was in order so I have shuffled and asked upstairs what I need to know and pulled the Knight of Wands, The Ace of Cups and The 8 of Coins, alrighty then.

Mind: the Knight of Wands

Yes indeed, I am very much a mind on fire right now with a new project. I need to fan the flames and channel the creativity and passion  with purpose lest it gets out of control and causes problems. I need to trust my instincts and be daring and optimistic, as the great hero said "he who dares..."

Body: The Ace of Cups

The potential for change is there, it just needs some purpose. What can I do for myself to nourish and nurture and love myself? How can I be better? The nicer weather is usually the catalyst that powers me out of my winter slump and makes me keen to improve my diet and get out more in the fresh air. I am definitely solar powered.

Spirit: 8 of Coins

So what new skills can I learn to help me on my spiritual path? where can I dedicate my energies in order to develop? practice makes perfect and I must be humble enough to know that I need to learn and practice, practice, practice.

I am at a threshold in my life and I am stepping over it. What new adventures await?

take care and have fun

The Golden Tarot by Kat Black. U.S. Games

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

What would make my soul sing?

Good evening Moonbeams

How are you all?  I wasn't going to write a blog as I don't have anything to say, not that I usually do but I am definitely more in a drink my tea and listen mood rather than a chat mood. Of course now I have started I will waffle on for a bit.

I read a blog this afternoon of a Lady that had gone from a sensible profession with rules and regulations to a life of an Artist. She had suppressed herself for years and then was able to break out and she is flowering (IMHO). Obviously this change has and is still very challenging but on the whole it was the right thing to do on all levels.

This has got me thinking... What would make my soul sing? I am very lucky in my job as I work for generous people and the job isn't stressful and doesn't demand sacrifices in blood, sweat and tears. I have had those jobs, never again. But, back to the question, nothing shouts out "ooh ooh pick me, pick me!"

I find lots of things interesting and even if I am not interested in something as a whole, I can generally find something of interest within it. I am very rarely bored. In fact I cannot remember the last time I was bored. I imagine I am like lots of people in daydreaming about working for myself, doing interesting and wonderful things, working the hours I want to when it feels right to work them. Being interesting and creative and basically, quite fabulous. I can generally imagine the work environment but not the actual work, that is the fuzzy part of my daydream.

So an opportunity to talk to upstairs and ask, "What would make my Soul sing?"

This question doesn't appear to be going down well. I have changed it to "Where should I consider channeling my energies?"

The 7 of Arrows - Insecurity, flew out almost as soon as I started shuffling.

OK, what I was gathering from the first question and lack of response from the cards and then this, is that I am not ready for this question or any potential answer from the universe, yet. But, as the universe has planted the seed; I have read the blog and the question is now in my psyche.  I feel it is something I need to work on myself and start consciously and mindfully considering and the universe will help me again when it is appropriate.

Take care and enjoy your week


The Wildwood Tarot: Mark Ryan & John Matthews

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Within, without and advice 29.03.16

Good afternoon Moonbeams

How are you all? I hope you all had a fabulous Easter weekend however you do or don't celebrate it.
I am not religious so it doesn't hold any Christian value for me any more.

I was bought up Roman Catholic but it wasn't a strict upbringing by any stretch and I never really followed it once I turned 16 and didn't have too. I was just nice to have family around and have the time to sit and talk and enjoy, chocolate is purely a by-product of the day... Oh and I didn't get any chocolate of my own! my youngest niece felt sorry for me and so she shared one of her (smaller) eggs with me, much to the surprise of everyone and my Dad gave me one of the ones he had spare.

I felt the need to do a spread and see what is going on and so I shuffled and and asked upstairs to talk to me. I shuffled and pulled 3 cards and they were all reversed and so I thought I had the deck the wrong way round; but it turned out that the deck had somehow gotten itself all tangled up and it was hard to see which was upright and which was reversed. I don't mind some reversals but not this. I turned every card the right way up and shuffled again and again and re-pulled the 3 same cards in the same position but now all upright. All right so what does upstairs want to talk about?

Within: King of Arrows - Kingfisher

I remember sitting in an exam once and I was near the window. The exam centre was overlooking a river and this beautiful flash of turquoise and orange kept swooping up and down and *easily* distracting me...

But, The King of Arrows talks to us of clarity and discernment. We need to use our higher thinking faculties to cut through the detritus and rubble that is blocking both our path and our view. How can we make clear, informed decisions if we can't see the forest for the trees? How can we travel our path if we have to keep climbing over or going around obstacles? We can and do lose our way.

This King reminds us to act not re-act. We have to step back and look at the big picture, with perspective, we can make our appropriate plans.

Without: The Blasted Oak

And this would be why the King has come calling.  One of my favourite sayings is "the good news is, nothing lasts for ever. The bad news is, nothing lasts for ever."  Times, they are a changing. Even when we know the change is inevitable, or for our own good, it can still be hard and it can still make us re-active. Sometimes the change is the universes way of reminding us that there are other ways of looking at things. We may not necessarily be on the wrong path as such but we are limiting ourselves by not expanding our horizons or considering other options. If our world comes tumbling down, we have no choice but to look again at what we can create.

The King of Arrows is on hand to help us to think clearly and openly at what we had and what we actually want now for our growth and development.


Advice: Knight of Vessels - Eel

This Knight talks to us of emotional maturity. We do not always have to like what happens to us and embrace chaos and turmoil with open arms and huge toothy smiles but we should be wise enough to know when something is in our best interest. Things change, people leave, they have to, it is the nature of existence and it is how we deal with life that forms our character.  We have to find the harmony in our lives and the events that occur in order to move smoothly. When we re-act or ignore, or deliberately choose a path that we know is not in our best interests then our lives jar, causing more distress. Listen to the King and the Knight. Find the clarity and the emotional balance.


It is the nature of the world, that it changes. The cycles of nature and the cycles of human life remind us that nothing is constant. When change happens, either gradually or suddenly, we have to adapt. We have to see the event as the ending of one chapter in order to start a new one. It is hard. Even when the change is the end of a pretty rotten cycle in your life, it can still be scary and worrying. Change in inevitable but draw on the King to help you stand back and look at the bigger picture and call on the Knight to help you make the most harmonious decisions for dealing with the change.

Have a good week Moonbeams
Take care


The WildWood Tarot: Mark Ryan & John Matthews

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

A bit here and there and in need of some focus.

Good evening Moonbeams,

How are you all? I'm feeling a bit restless and a bit out of sorts. I can't put my finger on anything but I am feeling that this time of year is not helping.

The weather is all over the place. We have green areas full of snowdrops and crocuses (croci?) and a few daffodils and we have been for months. I also have baby starlings nesting under my eaves.  It has been very warm but we keep having random break outs of snowfall and frost and then it is back up to the teens the next day. But the rain, Goddess alive we have had so much rain! I live very high up and therefore flood free but all our drains are overflowing and we have had Yorkshire Water pumping out the drain at the bottom of my lane since December.
In fact, if we were to have just a bit more consistancy in the wet and the warm I could almost imagine that I am living in a swamp rather than a rural village on the Yorkshire moors...

As I am feeling odd I have decided to ask upstairs what I need to know along the lines of Mind, Body and Spirit.

Mind: 9 of Arrows - Dedication

Where are my minds arrows flying? This card talks of taking responsibility for them and for strengthening my dedication to my path. I have to put the time and effort in in order to send my arrows to their targets.

Body: 10 of Arrows - Instruction

This card talks of traditional skills and inter-generational bonding that occurs through shared experiences.  I am taking a cartomancy class and my lesson today was on being a better reader which is echoed very strongly in the 9 of Arrows with dedication and discipline. It also resonates with the 10 of Arrows as this is a very old skill being passed down through generations and cultures and therefore it is alive and dynamic so each new generation can learn from what went before and then use it for today's world.

To be honest, not much has really changed throughout the generations, we all still want to know about love, health and happiness.

The Arrows suite also corresponds, quite appropriately, with this time of year. Spring, moving from Imbolc towards Beltane, taking in the Spring Equinox on its way.

Spirit: The Journey


"Death acts as a reminder to us of the transient nature of life. Every moment is precious and every living thing sacred."

There comes a time when you have to let the old go to make room for the new. I read a beautiful thing earlier today and all thanks for this go to Dervish tarot - you can follow her blog here: http://tarotofthedervish.blogspot.co.uk/

 "All is compost for our awakening, individual and collective."
Let it go, all that no longer serves, all that is no longer necessary and all that which has died but you have refused to let go of. Life is a journey and you have to move on to the next adventure.

Well Moonbeams, I have thoroughly enjoyed this blog. I struggled with some of it but I had my epiphany moment when I realised that I had already talked about or read all of it throughout my day.

I know the USA has had a super Tuesday but I am having a wonderful Wednesday.

Bright blessings to you all


The Wildwood Tarot - Mark Ryan & John Matthews 2011

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

A few words about Snakes

Yesterday I pulled 3 cards that all depicted snakes. Two were tarot cards from The Wildwood Tarot and one was from a self-published oracle deck called Tarot in Thyme.

Yesterdays cards and my theme for the week

Two days earlier I pulled one of the same tarot cards and being an aware and perceptive person *snortle* I have picked up on this cunning subtlety and read up on Snake totems or medicine.

Goddess alive, I love snakes.

Tarot in Thyme Oracle Deck

Snakes have been revered in many cultures across the world including the Native Americans of North & South America, India, Greece, Egypt, Europe and it is one of the 12 animals of the Chinese calendar.

Snakes have a very dualistic nature and often bridge the gap between solar and lunar energies, fire and water. Whilst snakes tend to be closely associated with Goddesses they also have links with Gods. Shiva wore snakes as bracelets and Cernunnos is depicted holding a snake aloft. Snakes are fire animals which link them with solar energies but they are also strongly linked to the underworld which has lunar energies.

Snakes do not blink and this leads to what can be described as a hypnotic stare. This hypnotic aspect along with their perceived ability to enter a trance, especially before they start to shed their skin, ties very much to their aspect of inner knowing and to the Chinese aspect of clairvoyance in snake people. They also have a heightened sense of smell, and this, along with their sight, suggests strong discernment in seeing past the apparent appearance of something or someone to what is actually there or for sniffing out the truth.

The Snake is a very complex totem pulling together traits of wisdom, healing, sexuality, death and rebirth & guardianship. It is symbolic of both male and female, God and Goddess.

The Druid Animal Oracle

Briefly, otherwise this could go on for quite a while…


The snake is seen as a symbol of wisdom in Greece and Egypt. In Egypt, head-dresses were worn depicting snakes that sat out at the third eye area of the forehead, these were called Uraeus. The Uraeus represented inner or extra sight and as worn by initiates indicated wisdom, understanding and knowing. These were also versions of the Eye of Horus or the Eye of Ra. I have mentioned before that I had always associated snakes with Crone energy and this is typified by wisdom. Kundalini, the eastern representation of enlightened energy is depicted as a snake coiled at the base of the spine that rises up as we develop and interacts with our energy centres opening us up to different levels of experience and knowledge.


The most common symbol of healing is the Caduceus or the staff of Hermes. This symbol is 2 snakes entwined around his staff or rod. Healing and medicine were closely married with alchemy and transmutation. For some Native American societies, snake ceremonies involved transmuting poison from bites. This seems a bit extreme but being able to survive the bites and transmute the poison out of the body was seen as an ability to transmute “all poisons” within and without. It basically activated a kill or cure energy that could lead to all sorts of healing.


In Cumbria, there are stone carvings of snakes with eggs in their mouths and this instantly calls to mind sperm and ova. Some of these carvings are centuries old and highlight the sacred and essential role procreation played in society. Snakes are also phallic symbols and tend to be sacred to various Goddesses and they are an essential aspect of creation.

Death and rebirth:

Transformation is maybe one of the most obvious things known about snakes; their ability to shed their old skins and emerge with new ones. Snakes were thought to have strong links to the underworld, the domain of death. It was thought that the underworld was where they went when they vanished into deep dark places. When they return to the world, they shed their old skin and are re-born with the new. This cycle of life and death and rebirth, which began with their sexual, life giving energy is shown in the symbol of the Ouroborus, the snake eating its tail which is a symbol of eternity.


Snakes were sacred to the Celtic goddess Brighid, the goddess of wells, water and fire. Snakes were thought to curl up in the wells and protect them. Snakes also guarded the tree that the Golden Fleece was hung on to keep it from being stolen. Snakes are closely related to their cousins the Dragon in this respect.

Chinese Zodiac:

Snake people are considered to be wise, philosophical, organized, intelligent, intuitive, elegant, attentive, decisive, compassionate, charming and clairvoyant
I hope you found this as interesting as I did and I shall be looking further into snake medicine as well as some of the other symbols mentioned such as the Uraeus and Ouroborus.


Monday, 22 February 2016

Theme of the Week 22/02/16 - Basically, snakes.

Good afternoon Moonbeams,

How are you all? I’m fine and enjoying the crisp bright day going on outside. The town where I work has its own mini ecosystem. It can be up to 5° warmer, less windy and definitely drier than the village where I live, 20 mins drive away.

Apart from the constant wind and rain that was buffeting my village, I had a cracking weekend. My chaps parents were visiting for the weekend so I wasn’t expecting to see much of them, but I did and we had fun. We went to the pictures on Friday evening, and saw Dads Army. It was fine, easy watching with a few chuckles. York on Saturday night to watch my chaps’ daughter and her band belt out a fantastic set that had the whole place bouncing; a truly cracking performance. Sunday saw us in one pub having a roast lunch and then when he sorted his parents out and took them to the train station, I went on to another pub to meet up with my dad to watch football. You’d think a 6 goal match would be a thriller, it wasn’t…

What I can’t shake though, is a strange feeling about this coming week. I feel anxious about it as if I am expecting some news or an event but I can’t think of anything out of the ordinary that I should be expecting. So what does upstairs have to tell me?

I have asked upstairs for guidance and, well, there is definitely a theme for the coming week. I have shuffled for England and these three cards all flew out. Spirit have been as subtle as a brick here and I suspect even I can’t miss what this is telling me. I really need to hoick out my book of totems and fully read up on snakes.

Energy: King of Bows (Adder) 

I pulled this card on Saturday whilst I was looking for a bit of guidance and here he is again. This card represents balance, magical power and healing. This card also talks of creativity, charisma and individuality. As this King has shown up twice now, barely days apart, should I be expecting a person who contains these aspects to enter my life? Someone mature and confident to help me shake up my own latent King of Bows and to help me on my way?

Advice: Knight of Vessels (Eel)                                   
This card suggests a quest. I need to set my intent, be crystal clear on my desire and use the energy of this card to set me on my way. How can I grow and develop? This card talks of emotional currents that need navigating.

2 people cards, 2 individuals or 2 aspects of 1 person?

Oracle Overview: The Snake

I have always considered the snake to be a representation of Crone energy, mainly wisdom and healing. This is supported by the King of Bows to a large extent. I know snakes are also symbols of re-birth and transformation and initiations; all things that lead to personal growth and development which are talked about by the Knight of Vessels.

All things considered, if I am not ending this week a different person to who I am today, I should at least be on my way to changing or metamorphosing.

I will definitely be reading up on snakes tonight.

Wishing you all a happy and fruitful week

BB x

The Wildwood Tarot: Mark Ryan & John Matthews 2011

Tarot in Thyme: Kathryn Thyme Giese 2015

Sunday, 14 February 2016

It's the New Year! (SIC)

Good afternoon Moonbeams,

How are you? I hope you are all well and happy and cracking on with 2016. I am just about getting up to speed and raring to go now.

At the end of November last year, my world got turned upside down and my time wasn't my own for a while. It was a little surreal and even though I only managed being in work for 2 days in December I still have my full holiday entitlement intact! I need to take 20 days before the end of March... It isn't going to happen as I am currently in work now, today, Sunday 14th February and I have been here since 8.30 this morning and I am here until about 7.30 this evening and I am doing the same hours tomorrow too and I will be working overtime until 8.45 on Wednesday evening so I will have accrued 3 days just this week. If we have a nice summer, I may take a month off to wallow in some sunshine.

Everything is OK now though, I wasn't hurt or ill and no-one died (except my Nan's cousin who had been ill, I adored my Aunt Doreen though and it was sad when she passed in January) and I am getting back into my usual routine. I admit though, I have been extremely lazy, even by my standards and I haven't seen anyone or done anything interesting at all this year so far.

I haven't been on any social media at all either so I have no idea what anyone else is up to.  What are you all up to?

I haven't done anything spooky at all since November but as I had nothing else to do I have knitted up a storm, completing 3 shawls. I am so addicted to triangular shawls I am sat here typing away with one draped around my shoulders as we speak :). I have knitted my first pair of mitts, they are not brilliant but I love them and wear them and am going to have another go for next year. I am nearly 2/3 of the way through a cardigan/jacket. I am on with knitting squares for a blanket for my chaps son's Christmas present and also crocheting squares for his daughters blanket for her Christmas present. I am not buying any more yarn, unless it is for their blankets, until I have busted my stash! it is getting ridiculous, I have enough yarn for 4 definite projects and still lots of oddments, plus, my sister bought me a hank of a beautiful silk yarn for Christmas. The colour isn't really me so I assume it is to make something for her...

These are my mitts :)
This is one of my shawls. It is a much deeper brown in real life though.

I have also read umpteen novels and I am now on the 3rd book in a series of 8 by John Le Carre classed as the George Smiley series. I watched the film adaptation of "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy" and I thought Gary Oldman was superb as George Smiley. Of course I had to read the book then and since I started reading them, the  literary description of George Smiley bears absolutely no resemblance to the wonderful Mr Oldman... ah well.

And that is it, 2 1/2 months in a nutshell.

Today is the first day that I have wanted to get my cards out to see what is going on and what I need to start working on with myself. I have decided that I am going to fully get to grips with the Wild Wood Tarot and so it is going to be my working deck this year with random dips into my other decks whenever I get the urge.

So, to break myself back in, here we go; we have the 8 of Bows and The Mirror.

Energy: 8 of Bows - Hearthfire

Very appropriate. I am ready to get back into the world and join in with my brothers and sisters. Community and companionship are essential and to celebrate the joy of living and experiencing.

Advice: The Mirror

It is cards like The Mirror which have thrown me when using this deck in the past. But, as my New Years resolution is getting to grips with this deck, bring it on!

Whilst I may be ready to get on again, I must be aware of acting in time with the universe and not setting my own pace just yet. Have I fully processed all that has gone before me or do I still need to look in the mirror and see what is really there rather than just dealing with what I want to. The key word of my life is Patience and I am being advised to exercise it again. My soul and the universe know what is best for me and if I need time, they will ensure I have it whether I want it or not

Whilst I am ready to leave my hermit life behind and join in again, I am being cautioned to not just jump in, but to test the waters first and proceed gently.

Well, all in all this is comforting. I am thinking of engaging again and I will get there when it is appropriate.

Well back to work for me and wishing you all a great Sunday and a fab week to come.

Bright Blessings to you all

The Wild Wood Tarot: Mark Ryan and John Matthews 2011