Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Fate and Judgement

Good afternoon folks.

I have had the idea of Fate floating around recently, how much of our life is pre-destined? how much is really down to us, ourselves? I am a little torn here but, I think in essence, I am quite fatalistic, unless I feel compelled otherwise.

There have been times when I have actually made a decision, usually off the cuff (and path of least resistance), as I am not really a thinking it through kind of gal and it has gone my way or not and that is that. I don't dwell on the past and wallow in what if's and should haves. Generally though, wherever possible, I am all for abandoning responsibility and seeing what happens.

On social media, you see so many posts on positivity and affirmations and you are captain of your own destiny, you decide that it will be fabulous or word of the last couple of years "Awesome". But, really do they work? I can appreciate the value of people being positive, I think we should all be a bit more of the glass is 1/2 full types. I am more of a "as long as the glass is a mug of something hot" I'm ok type.

Fate, has a ring of inevitability about it, like taxes and death. How much control do we have over them?

I choose to eat organic wherever possible, it is my choice but if I was to develop Coeliac disease, where is my choice over my diet? I would be forced to cut gluten off and my diet would become harder especially when eating out. Terrible illnesses such as MS or organ failures are out of our control and no one would choose such a thing but our attitude to our illness could make a difference to ourselves and those around us. Does this suggest that Fate is a state of mind? The universe throws problems at us and our mental/emotional health decides how well we will flourish or not? Is our attitude to what we have no control over the foundations of our Fate?

I asked upstairs for a card to help me out here and I was given Judgement.

Judgement, the re-birth, the entity created out of all our experiences up to that point.  We are called to give an account of ourselves. A true and honest assessment of our souls. Have we stepped up or have we let ourselves down? We can only measure ourselves against ourselves, we do not succeed or fail by an others measure.

This judgement, only occurs at critical points on our lives. Some catalyst or event has occurred to make us take stock and question ourselves, maybe some loss or a significant change in circumstances. Whilst I'm not sure that our assessment of ourselves is purely a mental exercise, I think part of it comes from light bulb moments when random bits and pieces fall into place and the bigger picture, the current cohesive whole can be seen, usually followed by "ah, that's what it is about" or "now I understand" and in my case "now it makes sense"

This could also suggest that whilst attitude is a major factor in Fate, regular assessments, or judgements are also required to help us take stock and to help us adjust ourselves on our path or for a new path opening up.


Sunday, 26 April 2015

Theme of the week: 26/04/15

After the big tarot cards & runes that I have had recently, I was hoping for a quiet card, something the equivalent of a quiet afternoon with a book, tea & biccies... 

So, say hello to... Drum roll please... The Magician! Ba dum tish. 

Ordinarily, I would be quite pleased to see him but I am a little anxious recently with wondering what the big upheaval is likely to be. Another Major Arcana card is not what I am looking for. 

The Magician is the guide so that is a plus as I am floundering around at the moment. The downside is, if the guide is with me, the journey must be imminent & that is a very scary thought. 

I know the guide is telling me I have all the tools I need. The guide is strong & purposeful, there is no hand holding here.  The guide is reminding me to centreyself & focus. I just wish I knew what I was supposed to focus on before I am thrown in. I love The Fool, I'm just not always brave enough to jump in blind. 


Friday, 24 April 2015

Something for the weekend

It is a very quiet afternoon.  We have no people in at work. There have barely been any ambulance sirens all day and my boss is listening to classical music in his office and the strands are wafting down the corridor to my office. I'm really enjoying this calm oasis of peace whilst it lasts.

I have taken advantage of this time to shuffle my cards and ask upstairs what I need to be thinking about for the weekend and The Queen of Wands came by to say "hello".

I cant remember the last time a Royal dropped by so this is quite special. I feel I ought to have some tea in a china teacup and I wish I was wearing a frock instead of some jeans that need to see a washing machine before they next see the light of day. Fortunately I washed my hair this morning so that is a really big bonus.

What is this Queen advising me? Well this dynamic figure is reminding me to trust myself and my abilities a la this meme:

 But, how do I have it handled? Am I all gung ho and guns blazing and taking no prisoners? Am I confident that the ends justify the means no matter who gets hurt in the cross fire?
This Queen is fire but it needs to be handled with care, Fire doesn't have to burn, it can warm and soothe without destroying.

Conversely, do I need to pick my game up a bit? do I need to add a bit more fire to my life or situation? Do I need to have more faith in myself and stand firm for what I want or believe and this is what I think she has dropped by to remind me. That and to wash my blooming jeans!


Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Using Tarot to shed some light on a dream

Good afternoon all.

Last night I had a dream and it was unusual in that it A) it seemed to make sense and B) I remember it.

I moved house. I had the key for 2 days before I went to my new home. The house had been left exactly how it was by the previous occupiers who left all their belongings and food etc. The estate agents were the company who built the homes previously and they were distraught at the state of the house. It wasn't dirty or unclean but the previous occupiers made odd modifications to the detriment of the home, i.e. artificial walls in wrong places and they weren't fitted correctly and existing walls being knocked down to create different spaces such as the wall between the downstairs toilet and the 2nd kitchen (2nd kitchen? what goes on in my head?) being removed so that they could have a mini home gym (I need to exercise, I get this very unsubtle hint from myself).

I remember the exact layout of the property and the colours of the walls and carpets and I remember its address, 8 William Street. I really like this address. I don't know any William Streets or anyone who lives at a number 8, but I really really like it. I remember the street sign on the end of the road up on the side of a building rather than being at thigh/hip height on a sign planted on the corner and I remember the front door. The door was dark red, wooden with 1920's style glass at its top and clear as you like right in the middle of the top of the door, number 8.

Also, my Bella moved with me. Bella was my beloved springer spaniel who passed last August when she was 15 years old. In my dream she was 16 years old.

I remember the pavement outside the property and I remember texting my parents to ask if they were coming to see my new home. I also remember telling Bella that I think my brother and his dog would be coming by to give her warning as my brothers' dog is a bit bouncy and she is an old lady.

I remember the pub nearby advertising that it had 2 bands playing every Saturday night and I remember considering applying for a job there on Saturday nights so that I wouldn't be disturbed in my new home by the noise and the corner shop which sold milk.

On an obvious level, I would move home but in reality I would move to a detached property whereas the dream property was part of a terraced row. My neighbours are so unbelievably noisy that I don't ever want an attached property ever again, at all, ever. I'm not sure I would also like a property where I would have to remove the gym (that shouldn't be in the toilet/kitchen area) and put the walls back to where they should be. I would definitely move to 8 William Street if the property was right though.

I pulled 3 cards to ask what this was about;

Card 1: What I need to know - The Moon
Card 2: What I need to do - Temperance
Card 3: Possible outcome - 7 of Cups

And as I wanted a bit more of a clue, the shadow card is the Wheel of Fortune.

What I need to know:
Well The Moon reminds us that there are times of confusion and disorientation but it is also the realm of dreams. The dark night is the womb where dreams and ideas and hopes gestate before being born in the light of day
What I need to do:
Temperance reminds us that life is balance and that feelings and emotions and creativity and the intellect must all be allowed to flow freely otherwise they get stifled and stagnation sets in. We have to experience it all, we cannot limit or eliminate what we don't like and wallow in what we do.
Possible outcome:
The 7 of cups reminds us that we have options. But, we have to know ourselves first. What exactly do we want? What is it that makes our soul sing? what goal do I want to achieve and which option will help me achieve it?
Shadow card:
The Wheel of fortune reminds us that nothing lasts for ever. What is next? where do we turn for the next stage or lesson. This can be a time out after a hectic period or the next active period after a time of calm. This card is all about circles and cycles and seasons and wheels but it is about inevitability. You can not stay in one place, the next stage is ready and either you go and meet it or it will come and find you.
So, what is my dream and the cards telling me? As much as I love my home, I want to move but there is noise next door in my real home and organised noise next door to my dream home (now, my dream dream home... that is another kettle of fish entirely and actually exists but my finances don't. Well not yet anyway and they may do if my dream home goes on the market - always hopeful)
I have 3 Major Arcana cards here and none of them are fixed. They are all about shifting and moving and nothing concrete. Dreams, the flow of the senses and the cycles of life/universe/psyche always turning. This indicates a period of flux or uncertainty coming up. This makes sense as I have had The Fool, as the start of a journey and Eihwaz, as the rune of shamanic change this week already. You heard it hear first, the rug is definitely about to be pulled and I am going to be sent flying!
I need to find some balance and regulate what is/will be going on and find some fixed point, an anchor to steady me. Who am I? What do I want and what is the best option for me to take to obtain my dream? Now that I need to think on.
BB all

Monday, 20 April 2015

Rune Lore : Eihwaz

As I am in limbo I thought I would try something a bit different and work with runes for a while. Eihwaz came to me and the effects are powerful. 

Eihwaz is a shamanic rune. It is life & death & symbolic of the shamans traditional journeying to the upper & lower worlds. This is a reminder that everything is connected. 

In the northern traditions, Yggdrasil, the world tree is thought to be Ash but there are strong arguments for it being Yew. Eihwaz is Yew & it's symbol reminds us of a bow, bows were traditionally made of Yew. Yew is evergreen so symbolic of life after death or life in death. The tree green & living in the depths of winter. 

In the Christian traditions of Europe, churches & cemeteries were built in the same places as Yews to incorporate them into the eternal life philosophy yews develop hollow centres as they age & this is part of their eternal cycle. They are seen as doorways to the underworld but also as wombs for rebirth  

Not sure where or how this rune will help me but it is definitely a big adventure!  


The Fool, again...

Guess who has come back to say hello? The Fool yay! I do like this card very much.

What new adventures await us? Trust in the divine & see where the journey takes us. This is quite a welcome card as I do feel to be a bit in limbo at the moment. I have lots going on in my head but I'm struggling to make it manifest in my life and this card is saying "the game is afoot", obviously, it would sound better coming from Benedict Cumberbatch but hay ho a humble lass from t'north can dream...

May the sun shine on you and yours and when fate comes knocking on your door remember to run after her shouting "I'm going on an adventure!"

Bright Blessings to you all

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Rune Lore - Laguz

As I am at a temporary lull in my knitting, the main pieces are all pinned out so I am just waiting to start the button band and collar for my lovely waistcoat... I thought I would start a book from my "to read" pile. After being a bit picky I decided to increase my rune knowledge so picked up Freya Aswynn's Northern Mysteries & Magick (Runes & Feminine Powers).

Instead of ignoring the forward and introductory bumf and going straight to the main body, I actually started with the forward and have read umpteen pages and still not got to the main bit. I've really enjoyed it so far as it has mainly been a romp through the authors life.

In celebration of working with runes again I thought I should pull one and see where it leads. My runes are lapis lazuli and they live in an oriental bag. I put my hand in and shooshed it around, and pulled out Laguz. Most auspicious!

Laguz is the rune of water and journeying and as I do not have a physical overseas journey booked (boo) I am seeing it as my inner spiritual journey. Water is the realm of emotions and feelings but also the conduits of your psychic and spiritual sides. This is an augur of a spiritual journey deep within to my own deep wells of intuition and knowledge.

A most excellent rune to reacquaint myself with this wondrous tool

Monday, 13 April 2015

Good afternoon all,
I hope you had a good weekend. Mine was good, a little thoughtful and possibly a few seeds have been sown, lets see if they take root and grow. It could mean a big change for me in a few months.

My theme for this week is The Ace of Swords.

I love Aces in general, the uprush of energy and new beginnings are all very exciting. And then we have the Swords suite, not my favourite suite but I know vital nonetheless.
Its just hard to warm to.

There is a wee bit of a theme here with Justice being my card of the weekend. Justice being a thinking card. So, what is upstairs telling me? Am I being too mental? too thinking or more likely, am I not thinking enough? am I swimming along in the streams of emotion and dreaming and what ifs? Of course its not the thinking that's the problem, we all think all the time. Its the content and quality of the thoughts that is the question and answer here. Obviously something to think about. :)

So, The Ace of Swords:

Powerful new creative energy with a warning of conflicts
Out of conflict, new ideas and view points will arise. This is a bit of a mini Tower, a Towerette, the old forms and thinking will have to breakdown in order for new forms and ideas to flourish.
Definitely a double edged sword.



Friday, 10 April 2015

I had a bit of time to myself so I hoiked out my deck and had a bit of a shuffle. Shuffling in a very loose term as for some reason my fingers didn't want to work and I made a right mess of it. Cards everywhere, not just one feisty bugger flipping out shouting "me! me! me!" but I was dropping more than I was holding. Not being one to let a minor issue like this hold me back, I persevered.  Eventually I got the deck back in one pile and spoke to upstairs and told them I would shuffle 3 more times and then pull the top card. This seemed to work and they behaved.  I turned over the top card and I got Justice.

 I quite like Justice, I like the idea of it and as someone with a firm belief in Karma, I like how it is swift acting.

 This is about reflective judgement and balance. What is the right thing to do? the right thing for the right reasons too. This is a thinking card not a reaction card. Are we too emotional and reacting instead of removing ourselves from the situation and looking at the bigger picture? or, are we too removed and abstract? this could be the message that we need to not be so mental and occasionally revel in our emotional side

Enjoy your weekends



Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Good afternoon, I hope you had a lovely Easter weekend. Mine was mainly good although we ended up having to renew the down spout thingy for the toilet pipe outside. All fixtures and fittings these day seem to be one standard size... my very old cottage isn't a standard size so fun and games all round, but by golly we are getting very good at cobbling things together!

Due to the gloriousness of the weather, The Empress was bought to mind over the weekend and with it a reminder to enjoy life in all its glorious, messy, muddy non standard-ness. The Empress always reminds me of spring with her new beginnings and cycles. At this time of year it is easy to remember her council of being generous and one I hope I remember always.

I have been in the habit of doing a "Theme of the Week" on my facebook page and this week the card is not very nice. I slept on it (the idea, not the actual card) and tried to think around it and pull other cards but it wasn't happening so I have bit the bullet and posted about it. The offending card is the 3 of Swords, the card of betrayal. It is a minor arcana so a day to day card but the effects of being the victim of a betrayal are absolutely devastating. This got me concerned obviously, who has it out for me? who is ready to stab me in the back? it is a very worrying card. All I can do is keep my ears and eyes open for clues and hopefully head any attack off at the pass; but, it is also a reminder that if you are the perpetrator of a betrayal, to carefully consider your actions as the effects can have long reaching and long lasting implications...

Bright blessings all

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

I came across the 4 of Cups earlier whilst I was shuffling some cards and it was a surprise.

The 4 of Cups: Emotional apathy and dissatisfaction. Boredom and depression.

At first, I thought it was a mistake but having thought about it, I can see where it does apply to me.
So what do I do about it?

First off, identify the root/cause of the issue - you have to see it to heal it.

Secondly, what can you do to change this? in order to bring this about the following questions are helpful:

Q1) What are my choices?
Q2) What do I fail to see?

Then, as is always the case, take responsibility for yourself and try to turn it around. If you fail, don't lose heart just re look at it. You may be missing the lesson you are supposed to be learning.

Ultimately though, find joy