Monday, 30 March 2015

Happy new week. I hope you had a good weekend? I did. I was playing out in the North East at a family wedding reception. Sunday saw us walking along the beach which was lovely and of course a trip to the sea side isn't complete without wasting some time in the arcades. We had to get back for Sunday lunch or it would definitely have been fish and chips (it's the rules).

I always draw a card on Monday morning as my "Theme of the Week" and this morning it was The Queen of Swords.

The suite of swords correspond to the element of Air and govern the intellect. I find the suite in general and the Queen in particular, cold. I do not enjoy these cards, but, there is obviously a point to this card and something for me to think on (geddit?).

Briefly:  Do we need to raise our ideals or are we too unswaying in our faith of lofty and high ideals? Are we wallowing too much in an earthy or emotional life and not paying enough attention to the mind and ethics or are we too bound up in the intellectual pursuit of ethics and morality and not experiencing the messy side of life?

On balance, I think I may slightly be in the camp that isn't getting messy enough so we will have to see what the week brings.

Bright blessings

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