Monday, 10 August 2015

Theme of the Week: 10/08/15

Good afternoon Moonbeams,

How are you all? I'm fine ta. I have a fresh mug of tea and just finished a little meditation. Following on from the guidance from upstairs regarding my finding my equilibrium, I am making an effort to incorporate "spirit" into my trinity of mind, body and spirit. I am confident, mind and body will start to fall in line (as much as possible).  Oddly enough though, talking about my menstrual cycles in relation to the wheel keep turning up, I think the wheel has a slow puncture or loose bolt or something. I'm not too sure what is going on here. I suspect at my age, this particular cycle is just going to be a thing of wonder until my hormones run out...

Oh and I even got a wee bit of housework done this weekend too! obviously nothing too serious as this isn't the time to be getting giddy but it also occurred to me that I couldn't remember the last time I cleaned my hairbrushes so they got washed and left out to dry in the lovely afternoon sun. It is the little things that help me feel I have got it together.
Big upheavals and choices are the universes way of making me responsible for things and I know they are holding my hand but looking at a tatty hairbrush is well within my power and ability to sort out without adult (upstairs) supervision.

Anyway, tea and meditation done so I have shuffled and asked upstairs what I need to be thinking about this week. I have decided to have a check in with upstairs regarding my mind, body and spirit once a month and I am going with the Luna month, so my next check in will be on the dark moon on Friday.

Back to today though, I have been given Temperance and The Ace of Pentacles

Dominant Energy: Temperance
I like Temperance. I like the flow of energy, keeping it alive and fresh and aerated and bobbling. This is also about balance and I have been feeling out of balance hence the advise given last week; this is a welcome card. From this I feel I asked the right question last week, and I am being given confirmation that I am on the right path. To Temper is also to bring separate qualities together to create a new quality. How can I bring my qualities together into a harmonious new creation?

This card shows a big bird waving its wing to fan a fire whilst also dropping tears into the fire to keep it contained. Very apt! My sun sign is water, my moon is Fire and my rising sign is Air. I appreciate that I may need to find a way to bring my other trinity of being into a more balanced or harmonious whole.

Advice: The Ace of Pentacles
Ooh nice. Something grounded and steady, well as much as an Ace can be. This Ace is reminding me that seeds that I have scattered around wildly may be starting to grow. I need to look around me to see where the opportunities are developing. I need to show discernment here and look for the opportunities that will most help my development and do the best for me. This is not the time to be off chasing glitz, glamour and glitter, even though they are fun. They can wait for another time.

Upstairs are reminding me that whilst I have been feeling very unbalanced and lost, I need to find ways to bring my separate qualities together in harmony and also a reminder to remain grounded and steady.

Wishing you all a fun and fabulous week. Take care, BB x

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  1. Beautiful cards! I love the combination of the Heron with the fire, and the Ace is simple, striking, and definitely earthy! It's so wonderful to receive confirmation like this when we're doing positive self-work. And I love how you received an earthy card to balance out your water/air/fire combination! So perfect!