Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Within, without and advice 29.03.16

Good afternoon Moonbeams

How are you all? I hope you all had a fabulous Easter weekend however you do or don't celebrate it.
I am not religious so it doesn't hold any Christian value for me any more.

I was bought up Roman Catholic but it wasn't a strict upbringing by any stretch and I never really followed it once I turned 16 and didn't have too. I was just nice to have family around and have the time to sit and talk and enjoy, chocolate is purely a by-product of the day... Oh and I didn't get any chocolate of my own! my youngest niece felt sorry for me and so she shared one of her (smaller) eggs with me, much to the surprise of everyone and my Dad gave me one of the ones he had spare.

I felt the need to do a spread and see what is going on and so I shuffled and and asked upstairs to talk to me. I shuffled and pulled 3 cards and they were all reversed and so I thought I had the deck the wrong way round; but it turned out that the deck had somehow gotten itself all tangled up and it was hard to see which was upright and which was reversed. I don't mind some reversals but not this. I turned every card the right way up and shuffled again and again and re-pulled the 3 same cards in the same position but now all upright. All right so what does upstairs want to talk about?

Within: King of Arrows - Kingfisher

I remember sitting in an exam once and I was near the window. The exam centre was overlooking a river and this beautiful flash of turquoise and orange kept swooping up and down and *easily* distracting me...

But, The King of Arrows talks to us of clarity and discernment. We need to use our higher thinking faculties to cut through the detritus and rubble that is blocking both our path and our view. How can we make clear, informed decisions if we can't see the forest for the trees? How can we travel our path if we have to keep climbing over or going around obstacles? We can and do lose our way.

This King reminds us to act not re-act. We have to step back and look at the big picture, with perspective, we can make our appropriate plans.

Without: The Blasted Oak

And this would be why the King has come calling.  One of my favourite sayings is "the good news is, nothing lasts for ever. The bad news is, nothing lasts for ever."  Times, they are a changing. Even when we know the change is inevitable, or for our own good, it can still be hard and it can still make us re-active. Sometimes the change is the universes way of reminding us that there are other ways of looking at things. We may not necessarily be on the wrong path as such but we are limiting ourselves by not expanding our horizons or considering other options. If our world comes tumbling down, we have no choice but to look again at what we can create.

The King of Arrows is on hand to help us to think clearly and openly at what we had and what we actually want now for our growth and development.


Advice: Knight of Vessels - Eel

This Knight talks to us of emotional maturity. We do not always have to like what happens to us and embrace chaos and turmoil with open arms and huge toothy smiles but we should be wise enough to know when something is in our best interest. Things change, people leave, they have to, it is the nature of existence and it is how we deal with life that forms our character.  We have to find the harmony in our lives and the events that occur in order to move smoothly. When we re-act or ignore, or deliberately choose a path that we know is not in our best interests then our lives jar, causing more distress. Listen to the King and the Knight. Find the clarity and the emotional balance.


It is the nature of the world, that it changes. The cycles of nature and the cycles of human life remind us that nothing is constant. When change happens, either gradually or suddenly, we have to adapt. We have to see the event as the ending of one chapter in order to start a new one. It is hard. Even when the change is the end of a pretty rotten cycle in your life, it can still be scary and worrying. Change in inevitable but draw on the King to help you stand back and look at the bigger picture and call on the Knight to help you make the most harmonious decisions for dealing with the change.

Have a good week Moonbeams
Take care


The WildWood Tarot: Mark Ryan & John Matthews

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