Wednesday, 6 April 2016

What would make my soul sing?

Good evening Moonbeams

How are you all?  I wasn't going to write a blog as I don't have anything to say, not that I usually do but I am definitely more in a drink my tea and listen mood rather than a chat mood. Of course now I have started I will waffle on for a bit.

I read a blog this afternoon of a Lady that had gone from a sensible profession with rules and regulations to a life of an Artist. She had suppressed herself for years and then was able to break out and she is flowering (IMHO). Obviously this change has and is still very challenging but on the whole it was the right thing to do on all levels.

This has got me thinking... What would make my soul sing? I am very lucky in my job as I work for generous people and the job isn't stressful and doesn't demand sacrifices in blood, sweat and tears. I have had those jobs, never again. But, back to the question, nothing shouts out "ooh ooh pick me, pick me!"

I find lots of things interesting and even if I am not interested in something as a whole, I can generally find something of interest within it. I am very rarely bored. In fact I cannot remember the last time I was bored. I imagine I am like lots of people in daydreaming about working for myself, doing interesting and wonderful things, working the hours I want to when it feels right to work them. Being interesting and creative and basically, quite fabulous. I can generally imagine the work environment but not the actual work, that is the fuzzy part of my daydream.

So an opportunity to talk to upstairs and ask, "What would make my Soul sing?"

This question doesn't appear to be going down well. I have changed it to "Where should I consider channeling my energies?"

The 7 of Arrows - Insecurity, flew out almost as soon as I started shuffling.

OK, what I was gathering from the first question and lack of response from the cards and then this, is that I am not ready for this question or any potential answer from the universe, yet. But, as the universe has planted the seed; I have read the blog and the question is now in my psyche.  I feel it is something I need to work on myself and start consciously and mindfully considering and the universe will help me again when it is appropriate.

Take care and enjoy your week


The Wildwood Tarot: Mark Ryan & John Matthews

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