Sunday, 6 September 2015

Back from my holidays and a September challenge

Good afternoon Moonbeams,

It’s been a while since I last wrote anything and I have missed it. I had a week’s holiday with no internet access at all in Cornwall which was absolutely lovely, and I can’t wait to go back and since then I have had so many internet problems, it was getting weird. I can’t seem to find a hotspot in my house anymore for some reason (I don’t have a telephone line so no direct access). I used to have a brilliant hot spot in my bedroom which was great as I could just prop myself up in bed and crack on, no more…

Also I had trouble with internet access at work which was a nightmare. I didn’t have internet and thus any emails for a week whilst it got fixed. But, touch wood, that seems to have got sorted now.  I have basically been in the social media wilderness as my phone internet hasn’t worked at home or at work either.  In itself it hasn’t really been a problem though.  I haven’t missed it.

What I have been doing though is a tarot challenge, 30 days and 30 questions which started on the 1st of September. I haven’t done anything like this before and I was curious and I also thought it would be a good way of acquainting  myself with a new deck.

I have used The Alchemical Tarot (4th edition) by Robert M Place (2015) and so far the questions and cards have been:

Day 1: The Theme of September: 5 of Wands

This is creativity, passion, energy and enthusiasm for a project or cause. A connection with the divine leads to an unlimited supply.

Day 2: What do I need to focus on?  9 of Cups

This is a reminder of my achievements and accomplishments. They are the firm foundation on which I can stand with confidence.  Be proud of my victories, both big and little, celebrate the good instead of dwelling on the trials and tribulations.

Day 3: What do I need to release? The Devil

This is a reminder of my darker side, my shadow side. I am trapped by my shadow however it is manifesting and it needs to be acknowledged and integrated back into the whole of my being.

I did some work on this later and apparently my current fear that needs working on is the 2 of Cups…

Day 4: Why do I need to release this? Temperance

For balance and harmony in my being. Is my lack of a commitment to commitment keeping me off balance? I am also aware that I need to continue working on bringing balance to my Mind, Body and Spirit.

Day 5: What lesson do I need to learn? Judgement

I need to draw a line now and assimilate all I have learned and experienced in order to reconcile my past and move on to a new phase of my life. This is a reminder to move on myself, willingly and consciously before the universe moves me on forcibly.

Day 6: How will this help me? The Hanged Man

In The Alchemical Tarot, Robert has this to say: The Hanged Man represents a fall in terms of ego or self-image. It may also represent the loss of material things. He may, however, represent a willing sacrifice that is made to further a career o relationship. At the highest level, he represents initiation in to a spiritual mystery, but at the lowest, he simply represents suffering.

Well so far there have been 4 Major Arcana out of 6 cards, seems like September is shaping up to be a bit of a challenge. To be honest, I am feeling this is more likely to be a seasonal challenge that is going to be seeing me through autumn as one month simply isn’t enough to process major arcana lessons especially when I have 4 so far and they are biggies.

Anyway, I am still enjoying it and we will see what next week brings.

Take care everyone and have a lovely and comfortable week




  1. What an intrepid and creative undertaking, BB. I shall be popping back in to see how your month is unfolding through the cards.

    1. Thank you Rose,
      It is very illuminating