Sunday, 13 September 2015

New Moon check in

Good evening Moonbeams,

Hope this finds you all well and happy. I can't believe the weekend is over now (nearly bedtime) and it is back to work tomorrow.

We had a great day out in York and we got a table in my favourite pub for lunch, which was lucky. It is the Golden Fleece and allegedly York's most haunted pub. I snap away in there hoping for Orbs on my photo's... I never get them but I am always hopeful.

There was a rescued bird sanctuary exhibition on in the museum park and apart from all the usual owls and hawks, this one had a raven and an eagle. They were huge and I spent no where enough time gawking at them. They were absolutely glorious specimens.

As I was so taken with these birds I decided to use Oracle cards instead for my New Moon check in, to see what I need to be learning this cycle. To keep it simple I have only used one deck and I am not surprised to see an Eagle in the cards, I also wouldn't have been surprised to have seen a Raven but not to be this time. I also wouldn't have been surprised if Merlin had shown up as I dreamt about him a night or two ago. He was lost and I gave him directions to his destination :). I also dreamt about Jonny Marr but that was a totally different scenario...

So, what do I need to know?

Mind: The Eagle

The Eagle soars and sees the full picture. He is not interested in getting side-tracked in the little details. When you can see the big picture, you are in a position to make your decisions accordingly. The Eagle is also telling me to pray. I have always had a bit of an issue with praying as I have always found it hard work. I believe absolutely in a divine source but I don't really understand the point of praying and rarely pray and this last month I decided to give it up totally, which was incredibly easy to do. Apparently it has been noticed so I had better make the effort again.

Body: The Mystery
Tell me about it...

This is the last card in the deck and "this marker directs you into the unknowable mystery of your journey." Actually, I am just going to type out this meaning in full.

"This marker directs you into the unknowable mystery of your journey. It is the sacred place where all things are created but are not yet formed. It points the way to pure power and potential, which meets the magic of intention. it tells you that the magic unknowable forces of destiny and fate are working in your life. the forces that you can never fully understand or control are, indeed, weaving their magic around you to help you fulfil your true purpose.
There is however, a warning to be humble here: The Mystery reveals itself only when it chooses, and not when or how you demand. The cosmic laws operate here outside of time and space, outside of human influence and intellect. Only hindsight will reveal their patterns. Only Trust and the deepest faith can be your allies when the mystery appears as a sacred journey marker on your path.
Sometimes it may seem as if you're going backward, but truly, if you look at a spiral, it goes up, back and around, reaching upward, although it may seem for a time that you are not. You are indeed progressing. Trust the mystery, and keep going!
For now, trust that the thread of your life is woven into the pattern of the mystery with beauty, grace, strength and purpose. this marker is an auspicious and profound omen that shows you that you are on the correct path"

I'm not too sure how much I like a piece that asks me to Trust three times in relation to the unknown.
It sounds more like a warning. Generally,  I am happy that the future isn't carved in stone and that I don't know what is going to happen. In relation to my body though, it just sounds like S**t is going to happen and I just have to go with it. To be honest, I wish it was the menopause as then it is a process that I know will end.

Spirit: Trust

They are asking me to trust a lot here...

The first line "Do you have issues with faith?"  I have complete faith in a divine creator/source. For everything else though, I believe I am completely winging it. "Do you trust the Mystery?"  I am living the mystery.  Apparently this marker is insisting I Trust in order to move on. This marker is telling me that the divine order will be what it will be and all will reveal it self in its own time. I understand this perfectly, I know that divine timing is correct and things happen when they are supposed to happen.
Also, I am being asked to be discerning in who I trust. I am fairly easy going and I am happy to trust most people until I am proven wrong, on the whole it works well for me and I am rarely disappointed in people. Obviously I am being asked to be on my guard though. With regard to trusting my relationship with the divine, this marker is advising me that the trust relationship can only fail on my side when I forget who I am, I am a spark of the divine in temporary human form and I need to remember who I am.

Well this moon cycle, I am being reminded to keep my connection with the divine, to soar high and free. To maintain a conscious connection through prayer and to trust. Trust that the divine pattern will unfold as and when it will and to remember my own divine spark.

Lots to think about here and to meditate on, moonbeams. It seems like there could be some adventures waiting to happen, we shall have to wait and see.

Bright blessings to you all on this New Moon.

BB x

Images used by kind permission of Colette Baron-Reid. The Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards


  1. I recently acquired this deck and really like it. Okay, that second card followed by the last one...I'll be bold and say... pregnancy. Not knowing anything about you of course means this could be a physical impossibility or an active choice not to or you've already had your kids and are done lol but that's what came up for me. Given all the above detractions it likely means metaphorical pregnancy, some project/focus/vision you're gestating. Blessings on the journey.

  2. I think it is a fabulous deck and yes I agree, I thought pregnancy too and then quickly buried that thought. I have never gone out of my way to get pregnant and always been ambivalent about the idea, but, on the whole, I'm not sorry I've never had children. But never say never and the universe can hurl curve balls...
    With the questions and cards I have had the past couple of weeks, I believe it is also a metaphorical journey. My problem is staying focused enough to see something through though :) BB