Sunday, 27 September 2015

September Challenge - Part 3

Good afternoon Moonbeams,
How are you all? We are experiencing a wee bit of an Indian summer here in England and it is glorious to be outside watching the seasons change. The leaves are turning and falling, the fields have been harvested and turned over and the air is thick with swarms of midges and other insects all enjoying themselves.

I am enjoying an afternoon to myself and thought I would take advantage of the quiet to catch up on sharing my September Tarot Challenge. It has been very illuminating so far and we still have a few days to go. I thought I would just try this challenge and then probably not bother again, unless I wanted to use it to get to know a new deck, but, I am a bit addicted…

Anyway, October is a few days away yet so back to the here and now, September.

Day 13: Messages from my physical body
The Queen of Swords:

This Queen represents choice and so I believe this to mean my body is asking me to choose wisely in what I put in it and to make sure I look after it. After all, it is the only one I have.

Day 14: Messages from my emotions
8 of Coins

Steady away. Is this a good thing or do they want more fizz?

Day 15: Messages from my intuition
7 of Vessels

There are many paths, they all have value and a purpose but trust in my higher self in order to choose the “golden” cup/path that best serves my higher purpose.

This will be hard. The universe tends to be a bit subtle and I usually miss the hints and nudges… I’m a bit dense that way.
Day 16: Messages from my soul
Ace of Wands

All things worthwhile need energy and passion. There is an opportunity for something new, feed it and make it flourish.

Day 17: What does my higher self need from me?
5 of Coins

In the Alchemical, this card speaks of spiritual poverty. I am being reminded that I should remember and honour my spiritual side. It will help to bring me into balance.

Day 18: Who is my Spirit Guide?
The Empress

An earthy, generous woman; someone nurturing.
I decided to pull a card from the Druid Animal Oracle as well for this one and I was given The Hind.

The Hind is a link to the Sidhe and also to the Hag Goddesses. I am definitely embracing my inner crone.

Day 19: What do they want to tell me?
3 of Cups

Society, community and friendship.
In the Alchemical, this card also speaks of the aspects of the triple Goddess, which ties in nicely with the Hind

Day 20: How can I connect with them?
The Hermit

The Hermit represents conviction, perseverance and meditation. I have to believe, keep faith and meditate regularly, not just once a blue moon. Good advice.

Day 21: What beliefs do I need to challenge?
King of Swords

Intellect isn’t the answer. I need to trust my intuition and not look for the logical explanation (every single time)

Day 22: Where do I need to seek more knowledge?
Queen of Wands

I have a choice; which path do I want? Well the King of Swords has just told me to trust my instincts and not analyse the issues. So, what feels right?

Day 23: What goals do I need to set?
Ace of Wands

This is the card of beginnings, so where do I want to go? The King has said, don’t think about it. The Queen has offered me a choice and the Ace is beginnings.  I have a clean sheet, what life do I want to lead?  I will take the hint of 2 wands on the bounce to seek out something creative.

Day 24: What resources do I have to help me?
9 of Wands

This talks of my adaptability and willingness for change, to evolve and to sacrifice the old for the new.

Day 25: Where will these Goals lead me?
Knight of Vessels

On an adventure through the unconscious mind with messages and synchronicity; and a good dollop of wonder thrown in too.

Day 26: How can I stick to my goals?
The Wheel of Fortune

By stepping back and observing. Don’t get caught up in re-acting. Learn to distance myself from the ups and downs and then I can find my true centre/soul

Day 27: Where do I need to express creativity?
Ace of Vessels

By following my desires.  Learn what makes my soul sing and embrace it.

Well this has been a mixed bag with Swords, Cups, Coins and Wands plus a couple of major Arcana and courts. Quite balanced on the whole I think.

This has asked a few questions of me that I haven't included here with regard to my goals and I am still doing some work on what my path should be and where I want to go.

This is really interesting and I am really chuffed with what The Alchemical Tarot has been showing me. It really is one of my favourite decks and I still haven't picked up another deck in the whole of September. I shouldn't show favouritism like this.

Enjoy your week Moonbeams and don't forget the full moon tomorrow night and the Luna eclipse for my neck of the woods is also tomorrow at the ungodly hour of 1.12 am and on a school night too!

Take care all BB x

The Alchemical Tarot. Robert M Place (2015)


  1. What a great and very interesting set of questions and cards! I don't blame you for loving this deck. I have enjoyed watching you blog with it and it's another deck for my Wish List.

  2. Love your draw combo for Day 18!