Saturday, 12 September 2015

September challenge - Part 2

Good evening Moonbeams,

How are you all? I hope the weekend is treating you well so far.  I have nothing to report from today but I am looking forward to going to York tomorrow.

The tarot challenge has thrown up some interesting questions this week:

Day 7: Who can I rely on for strength?

The 4 of Swords:  My Higher Self, obviously :)
This is the card of meditation and self reflection. I have all the answers within, I just need to dig deep.

Day 8: What skills do I have?

The Queen of Coins:
I have it all, I just need to own it and be it. I love this card, she is the attainable version of my birth card, The Empress.

Day 9: What are my limits/weaknesses?

Queen of Cups:
This card is telling me I am neither one thing or the other. This particular Queen is equally at home in the water and in the air but she cannot survive solely in one. I think my flexibility at being at home anywhere depending on circumstances is a weakness in some situations.

Day 10: How can I accommodate my weakness?

Queen of Cups...
By being flexible... Gotta love the way the universe talks to me sometimes, clear as mud.

Day 11: What is my current energy level?

8 of Coins:
Standard and even which sounds about right really, I am not lacking in energy, more in how best to channel or utilise it.

Day 12: How can I improve this?

Knight of Coins:
By looking after myself. By protecting and nourishing my mind, body and spirit.

So no Major Arcana this week as the questions have been more personal and intimate which makes sense for the army of court cards turning up. 3 Queens and a Knight are a good way of assessing yourself and knowing where and what I need to be looking at.

All these cards have been about acknowledging myself and looking within for my best interests. A very enjoyable week indeed.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend
Much love

BB x

Alchemical Trot (4th Edition) 2015 Robert M Place


  1. I really like this set of questions, and what a beautiful deck! How is the card stock? I like that you drew the Queen of Vessels twice! I know what you mean about being almost "too" comfortable adjusting to new people or circumstances. Where is the line between empathizing and resonating with another person/circumstance/situation, and losing one's own uniqueness, for the Queen of Vessels? Like - the water takes the shape of the vessel it's in, which can be both good and perhaps bad at times. I definitely get that!

    1. I agree totally. Its all well and good being fluid, but you have to find some borders, some definition to who you are.
      The card stock is fine. At first I thought it was a little thin, but the quality is excellent and it is standing up to being shuffled a lot every day with no visible damage. The box is showing more wear and tear than the cards but they will be moving into a new pouch very soon :) BB

  2. It's nice to see this deck here. I've got it but I have yet to connect with it. Love how the Queen of Vessels showed up two consecutive times lol.

    1. I know, but she is one of my significators :)