Thursday, 1 October 2015

September challenge - Part 4 and round up.

Good afternoon Moonbeams,

How are you all? I'm fine but currently having a hot flush as I had to scoot into town for work and it was roasting! I am not complaining at all, I would always rather be warm than cool. English weather is a marvel and I am wishing and hoping very, very hard that this warm stretch lasts through the weekend.

Cracking on with the last few days, we have:

Day 28: What is lacking in my life?

Basically balance and magic.  Sometimes the truth hurts to hear and whilst I know my life is currently lacking, it still smarts to be told so. 

Day 29: How can I change this?
8 of Staffs

By chopping down the dead wood. In other words, don't take on so much or let some things go to free up time, energy and resources for what matters.

Day 30: What does October hold for me?
The World

I have come full circle. I have had some truths that I have been avoiding bought to my attention. I have asked questions I wouldn't normally ask and got some surprising and illuminating answers and I have been pointed in a couple of directions for answers and lessons that will help me on my way.

Well I have finished the September Challenge and I have been looking back on the month and tallying it all up. What stands out immediately is that of the 30 available days I got a Major Arcana card 9 times, that is almost a third of the month. This didn't mean that the month was a tidal wave of major activity, it was highlighting how much my inner world has changed/is changing/needs to change when I pull my finger out and get on with it.

From the minors, Cups appeared 7 times, followed by Wands 6 times, Pentacles 5 times
and 3 Swords. From this, the majority of my evolution is taking place in the inner realms of intuition and feeling. I also need to work on my creativity as an opportunity for expression and growth. I am also being asked to look very hard at my physical place in the world and my well-being and I am going to ignore the swords, as they barely registered, and I don't really like them.

In this there were 3 Aces. 2 Wands and a Cup, reminding me that the energy is there, I just need to tune in and use it.

What I liked very much is that I got a visit from each of the Queens over the month, the Queen of Cups liked it so much she made a repeat visit. I also had a King and 2 Knights call by so all in all it has been a very well rounded and action packed month.

This was my first Tarot challenge and I have enjoyed it immensely. The regular practice is incredibly helpful and has helped me realise just how much I really do love working with cards.

So much so, I am doing a couple of challenges this month. One is very similar to the Septemeber Challenge and for that I am going to use The Wild Unknown. The other, is a darker one and is steeped very heavily in Jungian psychology and is based on Shadow work which seems a very appropriate way of spending October; for this I am going to be using The Bohemian Gothic tarot deck.

All the brightest blessings of the season to you all

Take care X

Deck used: The Alchemical Tarot (4th Edition) Robert M. Place 2015

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