Friday, 30 October 2015

In which I need a health check.

Hello there Moonbeams,

How are you all? Hope you are all well and happy and looking forward to the weekend. I have lost time this past couple of weeks and it is the end of the month already! I don’t know where time goes anymore.

A couple of weeks ago I developed a head cold that still hasn’t fully shifted. A bug seemed to have been going around that others caught whereby they developed a cold but with a temperature that burned the cold out in 2 to 3 days. I didn’t catch it. I am a very visual person when it comes to illnesses and stuff. I get a head cold and people’s eyes start watering when they look at me. I also get cold sores and not just one but many and people wince and cringe when they see me… My boss hates me having a cold, he can’t bear to look at me and keeps sending me home.

I also put my back out. I think it may have been sciatica. Golly does that hurt! I had my brother’s dog for the weekend and I bent down to put his lead on and stayed down for about 10 minutes.

You know when you knock your ankle or elbow you don’t breath for a minute and do a silent scream? That lasted about 10 minutes. I eventually got almost upright and managed the walk but it took me well over an hour to do what should only have taken 20 minutes.  So my first experience of back pain was horrible. I spent the next few days jacked up on ibuprofen, my pockets are still filled with moss agates for inflammation and lepidolite for pain relief and sciatica. I dug out my magnetic bracelet and I still have magnets in my knickers around my lower back and I haven’t been in pain for a few days now but I am still a bit twingy.

The magnets have been a great but even though they are small and covered in padded fabric at the front and Velcro at the back, I have had to wear substantial knickers to cope with keeping them in place. Ha, who am I kidding? I don’t need any excuse for big knickers, my mantra is “comfort, comfort, comfort”. Actually, my underwear is one of the reasons why I have a platonic relationship with a mythological God who is well known as a ladies man. It was one of the first things he pointed out to me!

So, I have asked upstairs about my (lack of) health and how I can better look after myself and I have been given the Aces of Pentacles and Swords.

Ok, whilst I have not been up for the uprush of any energy unless it was cocoa and scooting to bed whenever I could this is something to think about.

The Pentacles are reminding me to look after myself in a practical way through sustenance and nutrition and being comfortable. My diet isn’t bad at all but I should do more with medicinal foods to help keep my immune system healthy. I should find a way to get more strengthening herbs and similar into my food and drink.

The Swords are reminding me to be more mindful of what I do. I need to pay more attention to my thoughts and actions and look out for signs and signals that I am not doing the best I can.

Samhain blessings to you all

Take care

BB x

 Images: The Mythic Tarot, Juliette Sharman-Burke


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  1. Wow, that is very interesting that the magnets can help to alleviate pain! I wish you well with your recovery. Those Aces are excellent companions :)