Friday, 2 October 2015

The Alchemical Tarot: Deck Interview

Good afternoon Moonbeams

Its Friday, and the sun is shining and it is supposed to last a few more days yet. Hopefully we will be able to get out tomorrow for a good mooch around somewhere new.

As you will know, I have spent September indulging in a love affair with The Alchemical Tarot (4th Ed. Robert M. Place 2015). I used a tarot challenge on Instagram as a means of getting to know this deck. It turned up 2 days before the challenge and so it was a bit of a risk committing myself but I am so glad I did.

First off, the size is great 7 X 12 cm so easy enough to use for average sized mitts like mine. The card stock is good too. Initially I thought they might be a bit flimsy but they have stood up to 30 days of continuous use with barely a scratch or scuff to show for it, which I am so pleased with.

Practically pristine

 The box, understandably, is now showing signs of wear and tear but I have bought the deck a new home and I believe it will be very happy in it.

The images on the decks are clean and clear to read. For a deck based on Alchemical symbolism, the images are surprisingly un-cluttered.  I am not fully au fait with the full range of symbolism but each card has the element to which it belongs in one of its corners, usually a top one. The colours are also symbolic with White, Red, Yellow and Black referring to an alchemical  stage. I bought the book that Robert M. Place has updated regarding Alchemy & the Tarot and the historic connections. It is fascinating, although slow going for me. It has a huge section on the individual cards for reference.

Whilst I believe I am going to continue enjoying this deck, I have decided to "interview" my decks going forward to get an idea of what each one has to offer. So I am starting with this one.
Thanks for this spread go to Beth of Little Red Tarot.

Card 1: Tell me about yourself. What is your most important characteristic?

8 of Vessels: I am intuitive and creative and I will help you to focus and remain centred in the now.

Card 2: What are your strengths as a deck?

5 of Swords: I am here to help fix what is broken. I will help you to let go of negative thinking and help you to believe that anything is possible.

Card 3: What are your limits as a deck?

6 of Wands: I will help you to love and honour yourself but beware of enemies once you start to progress.

Card 4: What are you here to teach me?

5 of Wands: To be creative from a place of centred-ness and connection to the universe/divine/Anima Mundi

Card 5: How can I best learn and collaborate with you?

4 of Vesssels: By being open to change and growth. We must break down the old to welcome in the new

Card 6: What is the potential outcome of our working relationship?

Lady of Swords: I will help you to sing your song.

This is brilliant. This deck is going to help me on my journey with guidance and love. Things will need to change but they will change because I desire them to and not because of any major traumas such as The Tower or to a lesser extent The Wheel.  These are all minor arcana cards and they tell me that the everyday is going to be taken care of.

I feel fully justified in adoring this deck.

Enjoy your weekend
Much love

BB x


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