Sunday, 11 October 2015

Theme of the week: 11/10/15

Good evening Moonbeams,
How are you all this fine Sunday evening? It has been a lovely weekend here but, as usual, vanished far too fast. 

My chap became a great uncle on Saturday which is fabulous and the first of the next generation in that family. Mother and son are doing well so that is brilliant news.

I have been very thoughtful this week as I am doing shadow work this month and so far it has bought up some real eye openers. I am not going to share information here as it is mainly a journaling exercise. What is not surprising is a number of issues that were highlighted last month have appeared already this month. The main theme so far centres on Cups. I have drawn 7 Cups, 6 Major’s, 2 Wands, 2 Pentacles and 2 Swords and we are only on the 11th. I haven’t done todays challenge yet and that is a 3 card draw when I get round to it later. What has been coming up from the cards and the questions is that I need to create more, or stop stifling my creativity. This is hard, I’m not too sure how and where to even begin to be a bit creative. Hopefully this month will throw out some inspiration.

What is an exact duplicate is that so far my greatest fear/challenge is the 2 of Cups! No doubt I will receive some clarity on this over the month but it is beginning to bother me.

As the month is being taken care of in challenges and is a huge learning curve, I have asked upstairs what I need to be considering for the week ahead:

Energy: 8 of Coins
This is the card of the artisan, the craftsman and the artist. I think I got this card twice last month. Ok, universe, I understand what you want from me. I do. I just don’t know how to go about it. I can only hope that I will spot the opportunities when they present themselves (don’t hold your breath though. The universe is a bit subtle and I am a bit dense). It is so odd; I have never considered myself to be creative in any way. Some people just seem to be naturally creative or artistic and it shows in every little thing such as what they wear or even how they can present a simple sandwich. I have always considered it a skill for which I have zero aptitude.

Apparently, I need to find some creative spark from somewhere… Anybody got any spare?

Advise: 10 of Wands

I have to let some things go. I am taking on too much and getting nowhere with any of it. It is better to do a few things and well instead of making a mess of a lot of things. A mess of a lot of things seems to have been my motto for quite a long time now. Of course this is easier said than done. How many commitments can I let go? Which ones do I have to stay with because I have signed on the dotted line and therefore can’t abandon, even if I wanted to? How do I prioritise them?

I suspect that some things will naturally leave my life because that is the way of the universe. The trick will be not automatically rushing to fill the void and therefore keeping up with doing too much.

Maybe if I don’t fill any gaps, I will find some inspiration to be a bit creative or to dabble in a few things and see which creative avenue talks to me.

It’s all a bit much; all I really ever want to do is eat and read.
Talking of which, I have recently got a cracking new book about the supernatural landscape of the
British Isles. It talks about how stories of giants shaped the physical landscape and how giants came to be in Britain. As the book progresses I will learn about how the tales of kelpies, black dogs and dragons came to life and somewhere in all this glory there will be tales of my beloved green man. Seriously, all I want to do is read.

Because I am also getting addicted to oracle cards, I have pulled a card for the week too:  Convolvulus: Find a flexible and easy going approach.

Well Moonbeams, wishing you all a happy and fulfilling week

BB x

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  1. It sounds like you're having quite the "shadowy" month, too! :) I am enjoying the company - just knowing that so many of us readers are undertaking similar journeys is comforting. I am starting to really enjoy oracles, too. I only own a few, and I like them, I just don't use them often. But I've just ordered a new one and am really looking forward to working with it: Earthbound Oracle.

    1. Hi Olivia,
      I agree, it is comforting knowing others are on the journey too and knowing that you can also talk about it, to an extent.

      Yes that deck is getting a love and it does look special. I think If (when) I get it I will also get the tarot deck too, they look very compatible.

      Take care BB

  2. I've been eyeing this oracle for a while. It's fun to see it used here.