Tuesday, 13 October 2015

New Moon spread 13/10/15: Mind, Body and Spirit

Good evening Moonbeams,

How are you? I'm shattered already and it is only Tuesday night. My mum hasn't been too well and she is suffering the side effects of some medication at the moment. I'm sure she will bounce back but I just have to acknowledge my parents are getting old; and they get ill now.

Anyway, back to the matter in hand. Tonight is the New Moon moonbeams which means what do I need to focus on this lunar cycle? Last night I (eventually) got rid of what no longer serves me, ready to have a clean slate for now.

I have been using a pretty heavy deck for shadow work this last 2 weeks and I really felt the need to pick up a light and airy deck tonight. My Linestrider has stepped up and offered herself for my needs.

I shuffled and asked Spirit what I need to think about this particular cycle in relation to my mind, body and spirit and we have The Knight of Swords, The 9 of Cups and The 2 of Swords.
I am very grateful that they are just minor arcana cards. I have had a lot of majors already this month.

Mind: The Knight of Wands

This is very apt. I have been pulling cards that have called on me to be creative, or to start being creative or to stop drowning my (latent) creativity before it has a chance to show itself. I have started a project to see how creative I can be and I am seriously going to need this chaps energy to help me. I am not looking for the finished article, just a proper effort to see how I can channel the creativity that Spirit keep pushing me to acknowledge.

I need to make sure I do some of it every day. I have read that it takes 31 days for something to become a habit. Is this right? If I purposefully do some of it every day for 31 days, then hopefully I will be in frame of mind to do something creative every day.
I was keen yesterday on day 1 but today was a bit of a struggle and tomorrow will be a challenge but I will make sure I definitely do something with it before my head hits the pillow tomorrow night.

Body: The 9 of Cups

Ok, this is a mystery to me. There is no way I feel 9 of Cups about my body at all. Unless unlike the mind card that will help me all month, this card is just confirming how I feel at this moment. I am stuffed full of a wonderful dinner :). I am struggling to keep my eyes open and I just want to go to bed and sleep and dream of wonderful things.

Spirit: The 2 of Swords

Well I think this is a fairly standard state of mind for me with regards Spirit. I adore Spirit. I can't imagine a life that didn't involve Spirit but there is always conflict, well there is on my side. I question and argue and even deliberately wake myself up from lucid dreams if I am not happy with what they want to share with me.

I am taking from this, that my relationship with Spirit wont get any easier this cycle. Still I am always grateful to have my relationship, even if it is rocky. I would hate for them to leave me.

In Summary:
I need to concentrate on creating. It does not matter what I create or even that there is something to show for it at the end, I just need to willingly put myself in a position of being able to create something. No doubt I will eventually find a path or medium that suits me and which enables me to express myself but for now, what is important is that I make the time and try.
My body enjoys being fed but it doesn't enjoy being tired. I really need to get a better grip on myself. One of my lessons is learning to not take on so much. When things/people/issues leave my life I must not rush to fill the gaps. I need to learn to be simpler and do a few things well instead of a lot of things haphazardly.
Spirit will continue to try to help me and I need to learn to be a bit more gracious. They have repeatedly pointed me in the direction of creativity and I know they will help me with my body. I just need to stop being awkward.

Well, good night moonbeams.
Wishing you all a smooth and comfortable ride this lunar cycle.

BB x

Images used by kind permission www.linestridertarot.com

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