Sunday, 4 October 2015

Theme of the week: 04/10/15

Good evening Moonbeams,

how are you all? I am stuffed. I appear to have spent the weekend on a feeding frenzy and I now feel like a beached whale. I am not sorry and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm just not keen on the feeling I have now though, hopefully I will sleep it off and be back to good again tomorrow.

I am doing 2 challenges this month. One is a shadow work challenge that I am not going to share here. I haven't done todays challenge yet as I am still digesting day 2 and day 3's cards... October just isn't going to be long enough at this rate. I am also doing another straight forward challenge that has already hit the nail on the head and I will share that in a day or two when I have a few cards to go at.

For this evening though, I have sat and shuffled and asked upstairs what I need to think about for this week and I have been given The Star, the 8 of Cups (2nd time in 2 days) and Base Chakra.

Energy: The Star

I like The Star. Truth be told  like all the Major Arcana cards, but I do like The Star.  The Star talks to us of hope and that is always a good thing. You may be hoping on the impossible but the fact that you still care and still hope is, to me, uplifting.
The Star is the peg on which you can hang you hopes and dreams whilst you are working on them. You take them out, dust them off, darn any holes, tweak them here or there, hold them and cherish them. They can be long term or not but they are a measure of what you hold dear.  This is a week to look at my dreams, are they attainable as they are or do they need tweaking? Are they still valid or do they need to be dismantled and re-forged as something new?


Advise: 8 of Cups

I quite like this card too. Okay, there are probably 2 cards in a deck that I dislike, so generally I am going to get cards that I am comfortable with or can wok with.
The 8 of Cups is telling me that I need to draw the line under anything that no longer serves its purpose and move on.  There is nothing here left to work with, go find new pastures. Stop loitering.

Theme: Base Chakra

Whoop,  I love chakra's and the base chakra gives us so much to work with.  This is the chakra that gives us our get up and go as well as our feeling of being grounded and connected. This is knowing that your safety net is in place so that you can go flying.

In Summary:

I am acting from a position of strength which means I can take the time to examine and assess all in my life. From this I can sort out into various piles. The pile to throw out as it no longer serves me. The pile to keep as it is worthwhile and the pile that is worth mending and fixing as there is still a lot of benefit to be had.
I have to be ruthless though in sorting my piles. If it is to go, it is to go. Am I keeping things for the right reason? if not, let them go. If I can get rid of some of the clutter, I should be able to see the bigger picture again.

Have a good week
BB x

The Wild Unknown Tarot used by kind permission
Connected and Free: The Alchemist's Oracle by Inner hue


  1. A beautiful post! I love how the Star reminds you that it's okay to walk on... it'll be alright in the end. And the root chakra is a great foundation of power from which to begin (or continue) the journey! :)

  2. Your post reminds me of my time with these two decks. So nice to see them here amidst the darker-themed decks this time of year.