Friday, 10 April 2015

I had a bit of time to myself so I hoiked out my deck and had a bit of a shuffle. Shuffling in a very loose term as for some reason my fingers didn't want to work and I made a right mess of it. Cards everywhere, not just one feisty bugger flipping out shouting "me! me! me!" but I was dropping more than I was holding. Not being one to let a minor issue like this hold me back, I persevered.  Eventually I got the deck back in one pile and spoke to upstairs and told them I would shuffle 3 more times and then pull the top card. This seemed to work and they behaved.  I turned over the top card and I got Justice.

 I quite like Justice, I like the idea of it and as someone with a firm belief in Karma, I like how it is swift acting.

 This is about reflective judgement and balance. What is the right thing to do? the right thing for the right reasons too. This is a thinking card not a reaction card. Are we too emotional and reacting instead of removing ourselves from the situation and looking at the bigger picture? or, are we too removed and abstract? this could be the message that we need to not be so mental and occasionally revel in our emotional side

Enjoy your weekends



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