Friday, 24 April 2015

Something for the weekend

It is a very quiet afternoon.  We have no people in at work. There have barely been any ambulance sirens all day and my boss is listening to classical music in his office and the strands are wafting down the corridor to my office. I'm really enjoying this calm oasis of peace whilst it lasts.

I have taken advantage of this time to shuffle my cards and ask upstairs what I need to be thinking about for the weekend and The Queen of Wands came by to say "hello".

I cant remember the last time a Royal dropped by so this is quite special. I feel I ought to have some tea in a china teacup and I wish I was wearing a frock instead of some jeans that need to see a washing machine before they next see the light of day. Fortunately I washed my hair this morning so that is a really big bonus.

What is this Queen advising me? Well this dynamic figure is reminding me to trust myself and my abilities a la this meme:

 But, how do I have it handled? Am I all gung ho and guns blazing and taking no prisoners? Am I confident that the ends justify the means no matter who gets hurt in the cross fire?
This Queen is fire but it needs to be handled with care, Fire doesn't have to burn, it can warm and soothe without destroying.

Conversely, do I need to pick my game up a bit? do I need to add a bit more fire to my life or situation? Do I need to have more faith in myself and stand firm for what I want or believe and this is what I think she has dropped by to remind me. That and to wash my blooming jeans!


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