Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Rune Lore - Laguz

As I am at a temporary lull in my knitting, the main pieces are all pinned out so I am just waiting to start the button band and collar for my lovely waistcoat... I thought I would start a book from my "to read" pile. After being a bit picky I decided to increase my rune knowledge so picked up Freya Aswynn's Northern Mysteries & Magick (Runes & Feminine Powers).

Instead of ignoring the forward and introductory bumf and going straight to the main body, I actually started with the forward and have read umpteen pages and still not got to the main bit. I've really enjoyed it so far as it has mainly been a romp through the authors life.

In celebration of working with runes again I thought I should pull one and see where it leads. My runes are lapis lazuli and they live in an oriental bag. I put my hand in and shooshed it around, and pulled out Laguz. Most auspicious!

Laguz is the rune of water and journeying and as I do not have a physical overseas journey booked (boo) I am seeing it as my inner spiritual journey. Water is the realm of emotions and feelings but also the conduits of your psychic and spiritual sides. This is an augur of a spiritual journey deep within to my own deep wells of intuition and knowledge.

A most excellent rune to reacquaint myself with this wondrous tool

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