Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Good afternoon, I hope you had a lovely Easter weekend. Mine was mainly good although we ended up having to renew the down spout thingy for the toilet pipe outside. All fixtures and fittings these day seem to be one standard size... my very old cottage isn't a standard size so fun and games all round, but by golly we are getting very good at cobbling things together!

Due to the gloriousness of the weather, The Empress was bought to mind over the weekend and with it a reminder to enjoy life in all its glorious, messy, muddy non standard-ness. The Empress always reminds me of spring with her new beginnings and cycles. At this time of year it is easy to remember her council of being generous and one I hope I remember always.

I have been in the habit of doing a "Theme of the Week" on my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Moonstone/367910353264875 and this week the card is not very nice. I slept on it (the idea, not the actual card) and tried to think around it and pull other cards but it wasn't happening so I have bit the bullet and posted about it. The offending card is the 3 of Swords, the card of betrayal. It is a minor arcana so a day to day card but the effects of being the victim of a betrayal are absolutely devastating. This got me concerned obviously, who has it out for me? who is ready to stab me in the back? it is a very worrying card. All I can do is keep my ears and eyes open for clues and hopefully head any attack off at the pass; but, it is also a reminder that if you are the perpetrator of a betrayal, to carefully consider your actions as the effects can have long reaching and long lasting implications...

Bright blessings all

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