Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Fate and Judgement

Good afternoon folks.

I have had the idea of Fate floating around recently, how much of our life is pre-destined? how much is really down to us, ourselves? I am a little torn here but, I think in essence, I am quite fatalistic, unless I feel compelled otherwise.

There have been times when I have actually made a decision, usually off the cuff (and path of least resistance), as I am not really a thinking it through kind of gal and it has gone my way or not and that is that. I don't dwell on the past and wallow in what if's and should haves. Generally though, wherever possible, I am all for abandoning responsibility and seeing what happens.

On social media, you see so many posts on positivity and affirmations and you are captain of your own destiny, you decide that it will be fabulous or word of the last couple of years "Awesome". But, really do they work? I can appreciate the value of people being positive, I think we should all be a bit more of the glass is 1/2 full types. I am more of a "as long as the glass is a mug of something hot" I'm ok type.

Fate, has a ring of inevitability about it, like taxes and death. How much control do we have over them?

I choose to eat organic wherever possible, it is my choice but if I was to develop Coeliac disease, where is my choice over my diet? I would be forced to cut gluten off and my diet would become harder especially when eating out. Terrible illnesses such as MS or organ failures are out of our control and no one would choose such a thing but our attitude to our illness could make a difference to ourselves and those around us. Does this suggest that Fate is a state of mind? The universe throws problems at us and our mental/emotional health decides how well we will flourish or not? Is our attitude to what we have no control over the foundations of our Fate?

I asked upstairs for a card to help me out here and I was given Judgement.

Judgement, the re-birth, the entity created out of all our experiences up to that point.  We are called to give an account of ourselves. A true and honest assessment of our souls. Have we stepped up or have we let ourselves down? We can only measure ourselves against ourselves, we do not succeed or fail by an others measure.

This judgement, only occurs at critical points on our lives. Some catalyst or event has occurred to make us take stock and question ourselves, maybe some loss or a significant change in circumstances. Whilst I'm not sure that our assessment of ourselves is purely a mental exercise, I think part of it comes from light bulb moments when random bits and pieces fall into place and the bigger picture, the current cohesive whole can be seen, usually followed by "ah, that's what it is about" or "now I understand" and in my case "now it makes sense"

This could also suggest that whilst attitude is a major factor in Fate, regular assessments, or judgements are also required to help us take stock and to help us adjust ourselves on our path or for a new path opening up.


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