Monday, 13 April 2015

Good afternoon all,
I hope you had a good weekend. Mine was good, a little thoughtful and possibly a few seeds have been sown, lets see if they take root and grow. It could mean a big change for me in a few months.

My theme for this week is The Ace of Swords.

I love Aces in general, the uprush of energy and new beginnings are all very exciting. And then we have the Swords suite, not my favourite suite but I know vital nonetheless.
Its just hard to warm to.

There is a wee bit of a theme here with Justice being my card of the weekend. Justice being a thinking card. So, what is upstairs telling me? Am I being too mental? too thinking or more likely, am I not thinking enough? am I swimming along in the streams of emotion and dreaming and what ifs? Of course its not the thinking that's the problem, we all think all the time. Its the content and quality of the thoughts that is the question and answer here. Obviously something to think about. :)

So, The Ace of Swords:

Powerful new creative energy with a warning of conflicts
Out of conflict, new ideas and view points will arise. This is a bit of a mini Tower, a Towerette, the old forms and thinking will have to breakdown in order for new forms and ideas to flourish.
Definitely a double edged sword.



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