Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Emotional spring cleaning...

Good afternoon chums,
I have had so many ideas and conversations and scenarios playing out in my head this week that I am getting a little lost with what I should be thinking about and what is imaginary. I believe daydreams and fantasies are essential but my brain is getting swamped and when that happens nothing swirls or flows so is wasted energy.

I have sat and shuffled the cards as I find that very relaxing, especially if I am not wanting anything out of it. I don't always want answers or insights or sign posts, sometimes I just want to shuffle.
Sometimes upstairs wants me to have an answer or insight or will point the way...

Long story short, the 8 of Cups was a jumper.

I gather from this that upstairs wants me to have an emotional de-clutter or spring clean of all the old emotional conditioning and thinking and re-acting and throw away what no longer serves.

The 8 of Cups reminds us that sometimes we just have to say Enough is Enough and draw the line. Hoping and praying and just always holding on in the extremely unlikely off chance that it will come good isn't the answer. It holds you back and stops you from moving on to what will help or guide you.

This is very hard. No one likes to be seen as a quitter and so we will hold on to something or someone for far far far too long, even when everyone else around you believes you should have given up by now.

The 8 of Cups asks us to genuinely let it go. Sever all ties, put it in the bin, burn it, whatever, but make sure it is a complete parting of the ways. Putting a condition on that if you let go for a while but expect to claim it again or not truly let go won't work.  Also letting go with the hope in your heart that it will return to you is also not helping, as you are keeping the attachment going, albeit subtly.

The 8 of Cups might as well be a big pair of scissors or scythe or guillotine... Once you have severed all ties fully, emotionally, physically and mentally you open yourself up to new experiences, thoughts and feelings.

The ultimate message of this card is that once you take the leap to let go, with no more thoughts of what ifs and maybe's, then the good stuff can come in, the new and improved but you need to make room for it first.


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