Friday, 29 May 2015

Something for the weekend 29/05/15: Queen of Pentacles and 3 of Wands

Good afternoon Moonbeams,

Yesterday evening, after a very happy and exciting day (upstairs delivered my nice new shiny red car :)) I sat and asked upstairs what we need to be thinking about for the weekend.

This week I have come across a delightful spread that I am going to start using (Thank you very much Face Fiesta). Dominant Energy & Action

I actually have plans for Saturday, I am being "worlds best Aunty" for my 2 nieces and we are going for a play out. The cold and wet weather we have is going to go away for a warmish but DRY Saturday so that is ok.

Back to the cards, upstairs gave me the Queen of Pentacles and the 3 of Wands. Honestly, once the door has opened to Royalty, they just keep turning up! must be my swish new wheels...

Dominant Energy: the Queen of Pentacles reminds us that generosity is a virtue. Generosity, not just to others but also to yourself. Be as kind, caring and nurturing to yourself as you would to others.
Thoughts have power and it is hard to rewire our heads, we do not always think that we are as important as others and sublimate our own needs and wants and desires in order to prioritise others.
In reality, we are the most important person in our own lives and we can treat ourselves as such without compromising what we want to do for others.

This is a heads up for us to do better.  To nourish ourselves body, mind and spirit. The better we are, the better we are for others.

Action: The 3 of Wands reminds us that we are not there yet, wherever there may be. We have set off and so far so good, but now what? Now is the time to think about it, properly. What exactly do we WANT to achieve? Where do we WANT to be? This could mean a complete about turn or an amendment to our original vague idea that got us started in the first place. We have foundations now and this is always a good thing. But, the real work comes now with how and what we are going to do.

This is the moment where we decide on our future. We can't wing this part, we need to actively participate and start the hard work of building on our foundations.

So, we need to look after ourselves better, where do we want to start?

Hope you all have a lovely and fulfilling weekend

BB x

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