Sunday, 31 May 2015

Theme of the Week w/c: 31/05/15 King of Swords & Knight of Wands

Good evening Moonbeams,

I hope you have all had a good weekend? I was in North Yorkshire yesterday at The Forbidden Corner - it is fabulous, really enjoyed it. I'll be going back without the children to have a proper mooch around. My youngest niece found it a bit scary and so we had to cut it short.

I had a fabulous evening earlier tonight chatting with some other tarotists and discussing favourite decks and cards etc. I am really looking forward to catching up again.

So all in all I am feeling very positive and happy with life. I have shuffled and asked upstairs what glorious things I need to think about this week and would you believe it? More Royals have shown up. Obviously they have heard about my wheels and my good mood and thought they would come and share.

Dominant Energy: King of Swords
As you know, I am not the greatest fan of the swords suite and now I have the King visiting. The King reminds us of leadership. Not the "follow me" kind but the tactical, diplomatic and strategic kind. This King works purely from intellect and doesn't allow emotion in. When someone isn't emotionally invested they can seem cold and distant. They can also change sides and viewpoints depending on which side is of the most value to them. This can make them seem shallow or a bit feckless.

The plus side is that they can see the bigger picture and look at all angles and viewpoints and think things through dispassionately until they can find the correct answer/viewpoint/stance that brings about the best result. They are also in a position to explain and guide others who may be drowning in an emotional whirlpool and who is struggling to find their path.

Action: Knight of Wands
Oh my, the Knight of Wands! The Knight of Wands reminds us of our sense of adventure and our belief in our indestructability. This Knight is easily distracted with whatever is new, now, exciting, glamorous and adventurous but has no continuity or commitment. The knight seems vain and shallow and like the King, doesn't allow emotion to touch him. He doesn't feel deeply and refuses to be tied to anything or anyone.

This can seem exciting for a while but it is ultimately unfulfilling and unfortunately, we are destructible and we do need something to connect to or someone to commit to. We cannot be forever flitting around always looking for the next big thing.

So we have an opportunity to distance ourselves from an issue and look at it dispassionately, to find the core of the issue to be resolved, then what? Do we take the chance to walk away and look for something new altogether? Do we cut our ties and look for a new path with a sense of adventure instead of fear?
The King says, look at the big picture. The Knight says have fun for a while.

What will you do?

Enjoy your week

BB x

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