Friday, 1 May 2015

In which I thought I was Clairaudient, but wasn't...

Well it's Beltane eve and I was meditating and then reading some oracle cards. Incense wafting around, candles flickering gently, background music... You know the drill. All is good.

Suddenly, I hear a mans voice say "good bye". I'm stunned!!! YIPPEEEE finally a breakthrough! I am clairaudient!! Whoop whoop.

Then my brain joins in (bloody killjoy), why would my first words from Spirit be goodbye? Surely it would be hello or some other form of greeting i.e. all hail, well met, hallelujah or from certain ladies of my family (goddess bless them) what are we drinking?

As I say, brain is whirring away now and so I go to my phone which is plugged into a thingy and playing music. It's a drumming & chanting album, but the chanting is more sounds rather than words as its a shamanistic album and I press replay on the current track and there sure enough 1/3 of the way through the track, clear as day "good bye".

I must have played that track 5 times to make sure... It's the only clear English words in the entire album!!! Been chuckling for about an hour and I feel such a twit.

Obviously Spirit having a bit of a chuckle at my expense and why not?

Why not indeed? In the cold light of day I have drawn a card to help clarify last nights adventure as trying to be more aware and mindful of Spirit.

The Six of Swords was given to me.

Swords: Air, cold hard intellect, ethical thinking & principles.

The Six of Swords reminds us that some clarity and insight into our situation can help us to come to terms with our experience. With understanding comes some peace.

This doesn't really help me out. I was generally already at peace and my mind already looks for the wires and tricks behind the magic. For a water sign I am scarily pragmatic and practical, in fact most of the time I think everyone really messed up my birth recording as I am sure I am the least Piscean Pisces that anyone is ever going to meet.

Maybe it was just a chuckle. The good bye is so out of place on the album, how did it get released with such an obvious mistake on it? I just happened to hear it this time because I was sat quietly is probably why I have missed it before, plus, I don't listen to it very often as it isn't that relaxing really. And finally, Spirit found an opportunity to keep me grounded.

But, sometimes it would be nice to have the magic...

Beltane Blessings all



  1. This was great lol. I only realised I WAS clairaudient, when a medium told me it was definitely not 'normal' to hear parts of conversations in my head!!

  2. Hi Claudia,
    Normal shnormal! I just hope the conversations are interesting :)