Monday, 4 May 2015

Theme of the Week: w/c 05/05/15

Good evening all,

Well the lovely bank holiday weekend is drawing to a close and so it is back to the week tomorrow.

My theme for the week is The Star. I like the Star a lot, it is one of my favourite cards in the deck.
The Star is all about hopes and dreams and I feel it is vital to have hopes and dreams, it shows you are engaging with the world as you have something to aim for. The world is not just passing you by.

Of course hopes and dreams don't just happen by themselves, you have to take part too. You have to put the effort in to transform your dreams into realities, they will not manifest all by themselves no matter how much time you devote to your day dreams.

This is where it gets tricky. This is where The Star lets you down - it doesn't offer any help or advice. It is not concrete in any form, at best it is a peg to hang your dreams on until you want to take them down and work on them.

I have a number of dreams all hung up nicely waiting for me to pull my finger out. I take one down and polish it up a bit every now and then and then quickly put it back before it breaks or I get jammy finger prints all over it. That is the downside to The Star, it isn't dynamic, it helps you to dream but you have to take your own responsibility for moving them on.


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