Monday, 25 May 2015

Theme of the week w/c 25/05/15: King of Cups

Good afternoon Moonbeams,

Hope you have had a smashing Bank Holiday so far? Mine has been fine. I had a lovely afternoon on Saturday sat in a sun trap of a friend’s garden and Sunday saw us enjoying the adventure of who was going to be relegated out of the premiership. Having a miserable Geordie on my hands for the next year was not a prospect I was looking forward to, fortunately they prevailed so I have a giddy Geordie instead.

As there is not much going on now,  have taken the time to ask upstairs what I need to be thinking about for the week ahead and The King of Cups has appeared.

I rarely get cups and even more rare is a King, fortunately I am all clean and tidy.

The King of Cups is a rare fellow and I am a little unsure what to make of him as my theme of the week. Cups embody feelings and emotions and Kings represent the masculine outward energy of their suit. This card can seem a little contradictory or not quite at ease with itself. Why is this? You ask, well Moonbeams, the King is separate from his element. He and his throne are fully on terra firma. He is next to water but unlike his Queen, he doesn’t actually touch it.

To me, this suggests someone with a vast knowledge of his subject but no actual physical experience of it. He reminds me of a councillor or therapist. He can help you understand yourself, help you see what you need to see/learn/forgive/forget etc. but, he hasn’t actually been there himself so doesn’t fully grasp what it is. This isn’t really his fault, no one can possibly experience everything from every perspective.  He can help you grow and move on but doesn’t actually do it himself as he isn’t actually going to dip his toe into the world of feeling and emotion. He is going to remain slightly apart in order to keep control and his perspective intact, after all, how can he help you if he is involved himself?

So, will we be called on to act like the King? Will we be required to distance ourselves in order to give guidance, insight and clarity or will we be required to dip our toes into the swirling seas of emotion and feelings and gain a bit more experience and empathy? Only the week will tell.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend

BB x

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