Sunday, 17 May 2015

Theme of the week w/c 18/05/15: The Moon

Good evening Moonbeams
How are you all? hope you had a good weekend and are all raring to go tomorrow...

Had an odd week last week due to being the only one in work and whilst I love having the place to myself it also meant that I worked late 2 nights, and early Friday morning some poor soul drove their car through our wall and metal railings, fortunately, goddess bless they weren't hurt but they made a bit of a mess and as we are on the main road we have to get it fixed up pretty sharpish. But that is by the by and what with my other commitments I only had Friday night to myself and I was asleep pretty early. Rock n roll all the way me :)

So what will this week bring? it is always an adventure and hopefully it will bring a new car as mine is getting on now and I had best get it put in whilst I am still likely to get a bit for it towards a deposit. My only stipulation is that it isn't white or silver and that is it. Straight forward enough don't you think?

Rambling aside, this week, well, I have drawn The Moon. Very appropriate. Lack of clarity as evidenced by my rambling and a new moon tomorrow.

In general The Moon is a time of confusion and uncertainty. The Moon, is the time of the subconscious and the dream state. This is an important time as the subconscious is the womb where all the possibilities, dreams and hopes gestate before being born as actualities.  But, whilst waiting for our hopes and dreams to take form we are left in the dark. The Moon casts shadows and distorts reality. The plus side is this is only temporary and the night passes and we have the clear light of day to guide us on our way. All our fears get bought out at this time and we make them into monsters, but when the sun shines again we wonder what we were frightened of.

Another reason this is important is that tomorrow is a New Moon and this is a good time for starting new projects, endeavours and taking opportunities. BUT be clear in your intentions as, because the universe likes a chuckle, we are also about to have a Mercury retrograde. Mercury retrograde is the universes way of telling us, we don't have it together. In short, this is a time when communication can and does break down. Internet connections, tenuous at best, get down right contrary. Make sure you go overboard on backing up your computers. Ensure all written documents are clear and succinct, in these times, the simpler the better. If you have to do anything complicated or really important, make sure you leave lots of extra time to work on it.

So take care everyone and if you are not sure how something will be taken, don't say or write it unless you are able to make sure it is in the right context and don't react straight away to anything you see or hear, remember it is Mercury. Think, does this person mean harm and if they generally don't, chances are they don't mean any this time it is Mercury keeping us all on our toes.


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