Friday, 10 July 2015

Something for the weekend 10/07/15 - Cups all the way

Good afternoon Moonbeams,

How are you all? I hope you have all had a good week. I need to do some grounding as I haven't felt that present these past few days and I have been positively light headed today. I think some smoky quartz, obsidian and some outside time should help.

I am waiting on a new piece of kit in order to finish my deck trimming and I am so looking forward to finishing it and being able to use them.

Regular readers will notice that there has been a very noticeable lack of cups in my draws, but to make amends I have two in one today. This is very exciting indeed.

Dominant Energy: 6 of Chalices

This beautiful card talks to us of simple pleasures and going back to basics. Strip away all the layers of baggage and bumf that has accumulated. It is bogging us down and holding us back.

This 6 shows a woman bathing in a natural body of water surrounded by Lillie's and plants and the sun is shining on her. There are no worries here, just bobbing along getting all clean and shiny again.

Do we need to dip more than our toes into our spiritual waters? is it time to immerse ourselves in our spirituality and emerge all dripping ready to be counted?

We need to keep it simple and just dive in.

Action: Ace of Chalices

Oh my oh my oh my. Ne'er a cup and then an Ace to kick start it all!

This Ace talks to us of a rocket going off and we are going to be caught up in an emotional energy surge. We need to open ourselves up to possibilities and we need to look at all around us with an open heart and with lots of love and kindness and compassion.

We have to look at ourselves and see what we are carrying that we do not need. We need to keep it simple and see where we want to be spiritually. An infectious energy of love will drive us on and help us make the right choices for ourselves.

Wishing you all a weekend filled with love and good stuff

BB x

Images used by kind permission

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