Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Runes: Gebo - Gift

Good afternoon Moonbeams,

How are you all? I have had a low level migraine for the past few days which hasn't been fun. I also had an eye test and all the flashing lights and different lenses didn't really help. My eyesight has deteriorated a bit so new specs. When I had my eyes tested last, about 3 years ago my eyesight had only worsened a little bit and it wasn't worth new lenses so I have been wearing the same glasses for over 5 years, an upgrade in facial wear was in order anyway.

I have felt the need for something physical to play with so I picked up a rune to use as a worry bead this morning and I got Gebo. I like Gebo. I like the responsibility it promotes.

Gebo talks to us of gifts. That is basically it, gifts. But, the whole etiquette and social obligations are wide reaching.

Gebo talks to us of the giving and receiving of gifts in a respectful manner. I think most of us like giving gifts, but we are not always so good at receiving them. This can become uncomfortable for the gift giver. In the Northern traditions, gifts were a serious business that cemented bonds of family, friendship and the clan. It was also serious enough to take your life in certain circumstances, this was usually the bond created when your King gave you a ring giving you protection and rights etc but in return you offered your life if soldiers were needed for war.

Outcasts could be re-rehabilitated and incorporated back into the clan through this marvellous method. A gift was given, whereby the outcast could then work or become a useful member of the clan by whatever means and talents he had and then he would repay the gift thereby sealing the bond.

The act of giving and receiving gifts is an acknowledgement of your responsibility to helping yourself and others. If you are in a position to help another, then do so. If and when they are in a position to repay you, allow them to, do not deny an other the pleasure of being able to say thank you.

Spiritual gifts need to be acknowledged too. We cannot repay them in the same way but we can acknowledge the gift and give thanks through heartfelt prayers, offerings or some practical means through charity or similar.

Give thanks for the gifts you have received and check your conscience, have you repaid as you ought?

Enjoy your gifts, from wherever they have come from for they will have been given with love.

BB x

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