Monday, 13 July 2015

Theme of the Week 13/07/15 - A couple of 3's

Good morning Moonbeams,

How are you all?

I am not too chuffed to be back in work as it was a glorious weekend and I have been playing out all the time and didn't want it to end. I haven't done any housework and just kept up with the washing-up up to last nights tea, then it went a bit pear shaped and I have a lovely pile waiting for me when I get home.

On Saturday we went up to the Thirsk area of North Yorkshire and in the morning we walked around the White Horse and Sutton Bank, sat in a beautiful meadow and had a picnic lunch and then in the afternoon we drove a little further on to Byland Abbey, built in the 12th Century. Like most early monasteries it was killed during the dissolution but there are some fabulous ruins left now and we spent all afternoon mooching about.  During excavations, the most amazing tiled floors were unearthed dating from the 13th Century, Seriously, I would have those floors.  There is a lovely tea room over the road too.

On Sunday, we headed south and spent the day at Brodsworth Hall in Doncaster. This is a country house built in the 1800's and lived in right up to 1988.  It has beautiful gardens and it was another fabulous day to be outside.

But, the work week is here and I have to get on with it and so I have shuffled and asked upstairs what I need to be thinking about this week and I have the Three of Pentacles and the Three of Swords (Swords are back...)

Dominant Energy: The Three of Pentacles
This is not a time to be hasty or slap dash. This is a time to make plans, research and really think it through. This is also the time to ask for help, use others knowledge and experience. Do not go it alone here. You have the tools at your disposal, make use of all the available resources in whatever guise they appear and you should have a blooming good, workable plan to help get the desired results.

Action: The Three of Swords
This is the time to pay attention. Is everything in the garden rosy or are we ignoring something in the hope it will go away and in our hearts, we know it won't? This is one of the cards that throw a curve ball at us. It is a warning to look about ourselves and see if there is a situation festering away that we need to acknowledge or if not, if we genuinely feel everything is OK, it is a heads up that we are about to get a surprise that will knock us for six.

The positive 3's are represented by the Three of Pentacles with Self -Expression, insights and imagination used to create a sound and practical plan.

The negative 3's are represented by the Three of Swords with scattered energies and some self-centred-ness.

We have the tools and wherewithal to make something good here, something worthwhile. Pay attention to others, are we including them or treating them like they do not matter? Don't sweep things under the carpet or ignore them in favour of our own plans.

Wishing you all a productive and prosperous week

BB x

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  1. It's always interesting when two of the same number show up in a draw, isn't it. I have the Linestrider but have yet to work with it. The watery colors combined with the spare line drawings is such a compelling combination. I love The World card in that deck.

    Your weekend of visiting old estates and churches and traipsing through the land reminds of days spent in Sussex doing the same. Thanks for the little trip down memory lane.

  2. Hello Rose,
    Yes I find it a compelling deck too and I love The Hermit card - the big brown bear with the lamp. My other favourite cards are the 10 of cups and 3 of cups - I adore that they are wearing party hats.

    Yes we had a lovely weekend and we are very fortunate to have so many things relatively close by. We have to get them in before the football season starts again though as I can't compete with his beloved Newcastle United.

    Sussex, very nice indeed. I'm sure you have some wonderful memories. BB x