Monday, 27 July 2015

Theme of the Week 27/07/15 - Two Teachers

Good afternoon Moonbeams,

How are you all? I am great. I am really inspired and energetic and tingly on the inside and I am hoping that being at work doesn't erode me back to my usual state of "meh".

On the plus side, another weekend of absolutely no housework happened, but I must admit, it is starting to bother me now. I have one evening free this week and one day over the weekend in which to actually make a bit of effort to start on cleaning up.

Last weeks reading for the week talked about taking risk. There would be the opportunity (should I want it) for learning from challenges and for poking a toe out of my comfort zone to see how I would get on. Obviously nothing terrible happened and I am all charged up and ready to extend an extremity out up to an ankle or possibly even a knee...

The last week, in itself was relatively action free, I was busy with my usual commitments and work and nothing really out of the ordinary happened and then on Friday, I went down to Birmingham for  the weekend to meet up with some Tarot folks. Travelling on my own doesn't bother me, finding places and being on my own doesn't bother me but the thought of meeting up with people whose level of Tarot is so above mine did frighten me a little. I kept telling myself to just be cool, don't get into any conversations where your knowledge or understanding will embarrass myself. Try not to be gauche, don't get animated and start waving your arms around like you are bringing in aeroplanes and try to at least remember the name of every Major Arcana card!

Everyone was so nice, I had a great time and chatted to so many people and I learnt stuff. I am no longer resistant to Marseilles types decks and looking forward to developing there. I was definitely challenged to do something out of the ordinary, out of my comfort zone and now I feel invincible.

So, given that I am raring to go, what is this week bringing? Only The Hierophant and The Magician!

Dominant Energy: The Hierophant
Well this is apt. The Hierophant talks to us of group learning, structure and tradition. Tick.
We are reminded that we have to be active in our learning, rather like going on a quest. We have to put the hours in and learn about ourselves, we have to be challenged and to grow.

Action: The Magician
We have the tools, get on with it. This is not a card of the ditherer, The Magician doesn't hang about being unsure or angsty. The Magician reminds us to set our intention and then go get it. We are the conduit that connects Heaven and Earth and if we can dream it, we can manifest it. We need to remember our faith here and trust that if we so desire it, we can make it happen.

We are in the realm of the physical here and we must remember that we can do it. We do not need to get lost in big, theoretical questions and scenarios; our lessons are for the here and now. We have the teachers, the tools and the enthusiasm, we can't fail.

Wishing you all a fruitful week BB x

Images used by kind permission


  1. Well, I'm rather partial to waving arms and animation ��

    Your weekend sounds very enriching as well as fun! Love seeing the Fountain Tarot highlighted here. I've yet to work with it but really like the imagery. Have a good week.

    1. I agree about the arms waving - that's what makes life more interesting and enjoyable ;-)

  2. Hi Rose,
    Thank you. I was a bit unsure of the Fountain Tarot at first as it is very pastel and muted but I am completely hooked now. I look forward to seeing it in action over on your blog in time. You have a good week too. BB

  3. I absolutely love your cards in combination with your story of going to the Tarot Meet-Up (Hierophant)! You took a risk and left the event imbued with Magician-energy. I love it. Actually your comment about challenging yourself to move outside of your comfort zone and then feeling like you really could take on the world mirrors how I felt when I first started reading cards for strangers. I was really anxious about it, and kind of closed my eyes and took the leap. These are great experiences to learn more about ourselves. In the end no matter how many years we have with Tarot, we're all always learning - the journey never reaches a conclusion. That's one of the things that I adore about divination :-)