Monday, 29 June 2015

Theme of the week 29/06/15: The Star and The Daughter of Pentacles

Good afternoon Moonbeams,

How are you all? I hope you had a lovely weekend. I got a few hours of knitting in which was nice and the barest minimum of everything else...

I have shuffled and asked upstairs what this week will be bringing and we have The Star and The Daughter of Pentacles.

I would say we have a quiet week coming up - possibly the calm before the storm.

Dominant Energy: The Star
I love the Star, it is not an active card as such but I do like its energy very much.
The Star talks to us of hopes and dreams. It is a positive forward looking card.  Our hopes and dreams range from immediate desires through to life long dreams. The Star is the peg that they hang on to keep them safe and we take our dreams down and work on them and then they either get put back on their peg or they manifest as a reality and free up the peg for new dreams.  The Star can also offer clarity when we fail to see clearly. Hopes and dreams are vital but we have to live in the world.

Action: The Daughter of Pentacles.
The Daughter of Pentacles talks to us of abundance and wealth. This daughter reminds us to look for opportunities and openings to manifest these things in our lives.

We are reminded to dream and dream big and to look out when Mr Opportunity comes knocking.

Wishing you all a bright and shiny week.

BB x

Images used by kind permission

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