Friday, 26 June 2015

Bunny rabbits!

Hello there Moonbeams,

Something a little different, two mornings in a row a bunny has run across the lane whilst I am driving. I see them most mornings playing in the fields but these two have been after my attention.

So, Bunny energy or medicine, what am I being asked to consider?

Rabbits talk to us of many things such as Fertility, Creativity, Growth, Speed, Perception and Abundance.

Fertility and Creativity can go together and I know my very fertile imagination and creative streak are so far out of sync that they are in different time zones. I struggle to marry them both up and on the rare occasion they do meet I may as well be mixing oil and water. This is a big lesson for me. How to get what is in my head out and into a concrete form. OK, thank you Mr Bun for highlighting my difficulty here, although with rabbits everywhere I suspect that this is about to change and it can only improve. It can only get worse if either my imagination or creativity move to a different planet!

Growth... strange one this. My first reaction was to say, Yep, none of that happening here, but there has. I have started my wee blog. I have always been opinionated but I have started to be a bit more political with it. There has probably been more growth that I am not aware of or not registered. Nothing stays static, people grow and change and evolve and you just don't always notice.

Speed. Right, I have the killer strike and get up and go of a sloth on Valium! But it's not just speed that bunnies have, they have the ability to change direction in mid air and at full speed. Rabbit talks to us of the speed of life and is warning me that my life is due for a change of pace and direction. I am going with the glass is half full here and therefore all this will be a good thing.

Perception. Rabbits are traditionally associated with Lunar Symbolism and this talks to us of intuition and emotion. Rabbits are of the tween times, dawn and dusk. I adore all tween times and states such as fog and mist too. These are the times of magic and mystery. I am aware that I have not been seeing the magic in my life recently and Mr Bun is reminding me of the need and to pull my fingers out and channel my inner witch again.

Abundance. Whilst Rabbits are associated with the Moon, they are also Earth animals and are intrinsically entwined with the primal energy of Mother Earth and are a reminder to be grounded and alert to what is going on in the home and immediate environment.  Rabbits talk to us of the benefits of mother nature and of being open to her energy including being generous with what we have. Rabbits have a vegetarian diet and they talk to us of the benefits of watching what we eat and even recommending a vegetarian diet if only for a short time. I have been moving to a more vegetarian diet but not fully as yet and I am even vegan some days.

Rabbit medicine is putting me on notice that my world is about to shift, quickly and suddenly. I need to reconnect with my magic but remain connected to the earth and keep myself healthy and well for the ride to come. Oh wow, this sounds fabulous!

Hope you all have a good weekend and look out for bunnies

BB x

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  1. I do love bunnies, though I see squirrels a lot more :D Lovely breakdown of the meanings of rabbits, and how they play into your life!