Friday, 26 June 2015

Something for the weekend 26/06/15: King of Wands & 4 of Cups

Good afternoon Moonbeams,

Well I have no plans for the weekend (cept maybe the barest minimum of housework...) so I am looking forward to whatever happens. Actually I really do need to finish my knitted waistcoat, it has been forgotten for too long now. And I need to write up a reading I did for an acquaintance and email it off to her. And clear a path through the jungle to the front door.
It might be busier than I first thought...

Anyway enough of my domesticity, what has upstairs planned?

I have shuffled and got The King of Wands and the 4 of Cups. Hmmm

Dominant Energy: The King of Wands
Oh my, well, The King of Wands is calling round. This should be fun. This King reminds us of our power. We do not need to beat people over the head with it, it is noticeable enough. We just need to own it and be responsible for it. It? what is it? well It is our fire, our passion and our strength. It is our creativity and spark and it is bloody Magnificent.
This King reminds us to be our selves, not to dim our light so as not to blind others. Let them wear shades because we need to shine.

Action: 4 of Cups
This 4 is emotional apathy and this apathy can spread; like spilled water it can find nooks and crevices to seep into and stay, undisturbed and stagnant.  This 4 reminds us of the down-ness or lack of joy when a honeymoon period is over. We can't be happy and excited and full of wonders for the future, whether in new relationship, job, project or period of life for ever. It wears off and we are left with the mundane. But what do we have to build on? what are the realities of our situation? Even without the rose tinted spectacles, does it have potential? is it still worthwhile? If yes, build it up and help it to grow. If not, consign it to its correct place in your history and move on but be realistic.

This is a reminder that we have to own our power and own it responsibly and realistically. Measure ourselves, are we doing all we can? are we being true? If something no longer works for us, why? can we fix it or does it need removing from our lives? consider what we are doing and why we are doing it and above all else, go out there and shine!

Have a happy and shiny weekend (with or without bunnies)

BB x

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  1. Interesting interpretation of the 4 of Cups, Helen! As an action, I like that idea of letting things settle, a more measured approach than the King of Wands would come up with by himself :D