Tuesday, 16 June 2015

What did the Queen of Swords tell me?

Good afternoon Moonbeams,

Having pulled the Queen of Swords in consecutive spreads, I decided to ask what she wanted to tell me. The Swords are all about the intellect, clear and decisive, high minded and ethical and the Queen embodies these in a way that is above all, honest and with a side of wit.

I pulled her out of the deck so that I could talk to her whilst shuffling and I decided to go with the following 3 card spread.

Card 1: What do I need to understand at this time?
Card 2: What do I have to let go of now?
Card 3: What do I need to embrace now?

Card 1: What do I need to understand at this time?

The 4 of Pentacles:

The 4 talks to me of blocked change, that I am not experiencing and sharing in the flow of energy. It is possible that I am too afraid to open myself up and that I have entrenched myself in a position of defence. Defence is too strong a word, I am not being attacked so it is probably more like sitting on the side-line because if I don't participate, I can't get hurt or embarrassed but I also can't learn and grow. I think this 4 is advising me of the situation I have gotten myself in and by highlighting this, hopefully I can now do something about it. As I say, you have to see it to heal it.

Card 2: What do I have to let go of now?

The Ace of Pentacles:

This Ace advises me that the initial oomph has been and gone and I have to move on to the next stage now. I can not keep basking in the glow of the seed, I have to make room for it to grow and flourish. This agrees with the 4, move on, open myself up and see where it takes me. Have faith in what has started and enough faith to see it through.

Card 3: What do I need to embrace now?

The Princess of Swords:

This Princess reminds me that there will be challenges, and they won't all be easy or straightforward. The plus side is that they will help me develop and progress which is what the 4 and the Ace are advising me. The Princess tells me that I have the skills to see me though the challenges and I will develop new ones or more robust ones as I progress. The Princess reminds me to use my mind and to see these challenges as opportunities and embrace them.

This all seems very straightforward. Get off the side-line, warm up and join in. Start small and build yourself up. Don't find a niche or safe spot to hang out in, keep striving and improving.

I highlighted four areas of my life where this could relate, which is a bit shocking. I wrote them down and allocated them a specific suite; Pentacles, Cups, Wands & Swords and I shuffled and asked the Queen to highlight which one of these areas I should prioritise at this time and I was given The Daughter of Wands:

The Daughter of Wands speaks to me of creativity and enthusiasm, to embrace opportunities that present themselves and feed my talents and passion.

Basically, no more dithering, go for it!

Images used by kind permission http://www.thewildunknown.com

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