Friday, 12 June 2015

Something for the weekend 12/06/15: The Queen of Swords & The Chariot oh my!

Good afternoon Moonbeams,

Hope you have all had a lovely week. Mine has been an adventure and it is a good thing that I am basically very easy going when things go wrong...
Long story short, a pot plumbing pipe has been broken and until it is fixed I can't use the kitchen sink or washing machine. As my cottage is old, none of the fittings and things are standard with todays fittings and things. Fun times.

But enough of that, what of the weekend? well I am out most of Saturday with the morning being spent at the hairdressers, I fancy a change so I think I shall go quite a bit shorter, somewhere between 6 & 8 inches I think will do - it will still be shoulder length so will still tie up. And then a few hours will be spent in Harrogate at the AGM of the Yorkshire Healers Association and then I think a quick trip round to Knaresborough for its annual bed push. I will miss the bed push but there will be lots of other things going on with food and drink and bands and stuff so a full and fun day.

Sunday may see me still staring at a broken pipe and willing it to fit whatever fixture it is going to be bodged with...

I've asked upstairs for guidance on the weekend and was given The Queen of Swords & The Chariot.
There is always a sword these days and royalty is becoming a bit common now but the Chariot, this is new, very new indeed.

Dominant Energy: Queen of Swords (Mother of Swords)
This Queen reminds us of our capacity to hold to high and mighty ideals and our noblest ethics. To seek the highest human state of thought and action. The Queen also requires, of others as well as ourselves, a level of perfectionism that is generally unattainable or at least attainable for any length of time. (Obviously she is not talking about my plumbing skills...). This can lead to loneliness and disappointment as we expect too much, of ourselves and others. This Queen is a warning about aiming too high ethically and forgetting the human touch, the bit of ourselves and others that make us unique.

Action: The Chariot
The Chariot reminds us of our strength to take control when needed. We are instinctual beings with natures that roam through the emotional spectrum and the Chariot reminds us we are strong enough to master ourselves, to live and love without losing control or sight of what it means to live in society and at the same time allowing expression of our natures without repressing and burying ourselves alive. Wild and freewheeling can be as dangerous as suppression.

So, whilst we need our higher self, and our desire and right to stand up for what we believe and to question and fight injustice, we have to remember our human side too. We have to make allowances for others who may not feel the same way we do or not to the extent that we do. We have to remember that there may be issues that we aren't bothered about that others will be. And we are all valid. Our behaviour is important.

This has all been bought home very strongly to me as these last few days. An incident has happened connected to work that has stirred me up and I have led a rallying call to arms. I have to respect others opinions and thoughts and experiences and remember not to shove my own ideals and moralities down their throats. There will be a discussion in due course and I can only hope it will turn out for the best. Of course my best won't be someone else's and again, behaviour will be everything.

Hmmm big lesson in there for me...

Enjoy your weekend all

BB x
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