Tuesday, 9 June 2015


Hello there Moonbeams,

I was made very much aware of the colour yellow yesterday. It also came to me in guided meditation during open circle yesterday evening and it came up more than once in my dreams last night. At one point a God I have a passing acquaintance with was wearing a yellow cardigan to match the one I was knitting in my dream. He looked better in a yellow cardigan with a slight lace rib than is humanly possible...

For those that are interested, I am more Goddess centric in my spiritual beliefs. Not any specific Goddess, just the overall Feminine element and I am more than happy with any and all of her manifestations. I am also connected to the God element in his capacity as her consort and I also have an abiding affection for the Green Man in all his aspects. Not sure why I am sharing this bit but no doubt it will come clearish.

So, back to yellow, I like yellow but what is it telling me?

Yellow is also the colour of Air in elemental theories and therefore represented by Swords (yay...) in the tarot world. I get an unusual amount of swords in my tarot work. Air represents communication, travel and the intellect, very sophisticated.

Looking up from my desk, I am drawn to a lovely chakra representation on my office wall in front of me and the yellow chakra is the Solar Plexus chakra, also the 3rd chakra in the basic methodology. 3 is also my birth number and this relates to the Tarot as The Empress, which is my birth card. Back to the chakra though and the solar plexus is the bridge between the physical and the spiritual. Do I need  to strengthen my links between the physical and the spiritual? The mantra of the solar plexus is "I do"

Also, my world would be seriously lacking if I didn't have crystals and gems and stones scattered around my home, car, office and person. So what of yellow stones?
Yellow stones are projective energy and this energy is also protective. Mercury rules these stones and elements which enhances their energies of the higher intellect, wisdom, travel and communication. I scooped up some of my yellow stones to show; being, Tigers Eye, Calcite, Amber, Citrine and a rutilated quartz because the rutile is such a bright yellow.

After giving this some thought, I believe I need to reign in my thoughts and ground them into an actuality or reality and try to make something concrete out of what is constantly going on in my head. I have so many ideas and projects that are all theoretical and I am being given some big nudges to be practical and to Do not just Think.

BB all x

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