Sunday, 7 June 2015

Theme of the Week 07/06/15 The Sun & The Ace of Swords

Good evening Moonbeams

How are you all this glorious Sunday evening? I'm feeling pretty groovy, but then again I am solar powered so this sun has definitely agreed with me.
I had an enjoyable family time yesterday which involved a fabulous dinner in a very good Chinese restaurant. A long walk today and killed some time this afternoon by mooching around a garden centre and wondering if a pond is a good idea...

So feeling all at peace with the world, I have shuffled and asked upstairs what I need to know or think about for next week and what fabulous cards were given to me! I'm really chuffed and grateful.

The Dominant Energy: The Sun
The Sun people! The Sun!! oh my.
This is a reminder that the universe has our back. This card talks to us about warmth and illumination. Light is being shone into all the dark places chasing the shadows away and giving us "light bulb" moments. This is a time of confidence and trust in ourselves and abilities. We don't just smile, we beam and radiate the love of the universe out to all to see. This is a time to let our light show.

Action: The Ace of Swords
As you all know, I am not too fond of swords but I like the Ace, as I do all Aces. This particular Ace reminds us to use our higher intellect to cut swiftly and cleanly through the fog to see the crystal clear truth of the matter in order for us to act ethically and honestly. This sword too, can also augur a light bulb moment.

Well, The Ace of Swords can be our guide and pole star to help us get through the love fest the Sun is bringing our way. To enable us to see clearly and to stop us burning so bright that we burn ourselves or others along the way.

Wishing you a bright and powerful week

BB x

The Prisma Visions Tarot - used by kind permission

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